Royce Gracie

Oh man i might just have to stay up for this one.MIKE, posting results would be awesome.

Will it be on pal talk?



hody from pal talk said he wont be doing play by no

Thanks lions-d,


Someone must lose. If it goes to a draw then it's worthless.

Mike at rgtv is Royce fighting with a gi ,because I heard he is really good no gi and that would throw a curve ball at yoshida's game.maybe royce could wear a grappling shirt with some long shorts.

he is good without a gi, but he will be fighting with one on

to bad

TTT for the main man!

Mike...with him the best of luck for me please and from all of
Team Renzo Gracie! Renzo is there to support his cousins and we
are here stateside cheering them on!!!


Renzo Gracie Association

Good Luck Buddy!! Rip Yocheata's leg off!!

Royce is DOOMED!

Go Royce! Once get a submission on YoCHEATa, DO NOT LET GO! Make them pull you off!!!!!!

The last thing he needs is some mugger to ask him for an autograph and clumslily injures himself like Randleman did a few years back.

All the best from Taiwan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!!!!!

Same time zone, which is nice. ... But can somebody please tell me where I can get a play by play?????

If there's a way of watching it/listening to a play by play over here, I'll happily post a play by play for you guys.

Guess I'd better go and find out. Mike, what time (in Japan) is the fight?

And for the conspiracy-theorist non-believers on the 'Training Pics' thread, can you tell us what time Royce will tap out Yoshida? ;-)

Yocheata is going DOWN!

Lynn@Renzos - thank you

the fight should start about 7:30-8PM Tokyo time

I am not holding up, I am high on coffee, and really do not even need it, I could not go to sleep tonight to save my life

Royce over YoCHEATa!!

TTT for Koma/Musashi!!

It's good to hear, I'm not the only one!