Royce Gracie

I dont understand people who critize and talk shit about fighters us soon as they loose a fight..

Royce Gracie is a legend and this fight doesnt change anything....Of course it answers some questions about crosstraining etc...

The only thing i wish i had seen in the fight would be if it went to second round and Royce had Hughes in his closed guard in the beginning of the second round since that is his best weapon...I dont think that he could catch Hughes but it would be interesting to observe Royces closed guard against Hughes..

Royce = Legend , Renzo = Biggest legend

I was surprised how easily Hughes passed his guard

I was suprised how easily he got back and hooks. Very methodical and he really did make Royce look like a whitebelt. Royce is a great legend, what makes him a legend was that he showed that heart and technique can beat stregnth. Royce represented the Gracies in the UFC I would says basically Royler was way too small, Rickson and Renzo were both muscular and athletic looking guys. Royce was the best vehicle to show the world that an average man can beat monsters if he has the technical knowledge.

Hughes came in an showed us that not only is he freakishly strong but he also possesed great technique. He used great strenght multiplied by great leverage.

"I was surprised how easily Hughes passed his guard"

Hughes was never in Royce's guard. The closest he got was 1/2 guard.