Royce groin shot clip

Just to end one of the debates I have a short clip of the ever so talked about kick to Yoshidas nuts. It's about 2,5 megs. Can someone host it for me?

ttt someone

ttt for scrotum strikes

I can bro.

ah cool, I'll send it on icq

sweet send it up lets see


btw, I didn't make this clip in any way to bash Royce just to end the debate like I said. Royce was totally impressive in the fight, had there been judges he would've gotten the W for sure. Only thing that disapointed me was that he didn't go for any subs at the end.

Who cares about the nut shot. Not the first or the last person to get a yellow card. Put up the entire fight.

Wish i had the space to host it.

TTT for clips!

attjack has the clip now, should be up soon

Let's se the whole fight....

The Kick

doesnloading.... why not the entire fight?

ok, maybe he did connect with the junks

That was a pretty blatant groin shot.


what about the rest of the fight, I have a T-1 I can post it, no matter how big it is.

as for the nut shot, Royce said it was not on purpose, and did not connect as high in on little Yoshi as he made it sound. But believe me, Royce is PAYING FOR IT.

u watch it in slow motion pause and play u can see that royce kicks the inner thigh. u would prob notice it and realize that if yoshida was wearing trunks.

at least 10% ...