Royce Highlights: Part III

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A few years ago a lot of noise was made about a supposed challenge issued by you (or was it rorian?) to Mike Tyson. Does the challenge still stand? If so, how exactly would you fight him? What rules would you insist on fighting him under? Where would you want this to take place? Finally, did you or anyone on your behalf contact Mike and attempt to set this up? Yes, I did challange Mike Tyson, because people confuse a boxer into being a best fighter. I like Mike Tysons style, I think he is a great boxer, but there is a difference between a great boxer and a great fighter. Do you think it's fair to ask for special rules in a tournament? Why? I am not asking for speccial rules, I just want make a clean sport, with no rules. So that they are no doubts. You see, I am in a very unique position, many fans do not want to admit it, you see, they put a post, well Royce fight, win some loose some, we do not care, but at the end , they do care. Look at the posts after my fights, no matter what I do its being talked about. Shamrock did not do anything in the UFC V fight, and he come out to be a hero. No one says anything about that, I beat him in 56sec, he stayed there for 30 min, and then another 5 min, and could not do anything, but that was enought for him to talk SHIT, and everyone else to agree. I do not ask for speccial rules, I ask for fair rules, the true rules of the fight, that test not only your fighting ability, but also your endurance, and skils.your reaction in UFC Shamrock in which the just kissed his ass and the coments he made about you..and if you ever read that so-called book of his in which he said that he dominated you...I was just wondering what your reaction to all that was Well, he can talk all hi wants, he knows what happend in that fight, he was talking all the shit before the fight, that he trained for the fight and that he was going to come in and get revenge and do this and do that, but at the end he did not do anything. He spend all this time training on how to lay down on the ground, and put his head down, and do nothing. For 30 min. Have you noticed that Shamrock never won a UFC Tournament, only single matches. I won 3 UFC. Now, lets look at another statisitc. It took me 56 sec to beat Shamrock, and he keeps saying that he got even with me in the UFC 5. In 30 min of the fight he did not do anything, now if you call that getting even, I do not know. If he was so great, then how can be not doing anything to me, in 30 min, with almost 50lbs heavier then me. Now, we got up, went another 5 min, he cut my eye, I was bleading, and he still could not do anything. Man watch the fight and judge for yourself.Would fight our very own King of Rock and Rumble Elvis Sinosec?I am a fighter, did you forget what I do for a living. Have I ever dock anyone.

Royce, I noticed you guys had a challenge match before the UFC. how did the challenge match differ from the UFC match? You can watch it on Gracie JJ in Action II. He came to the Academy and wanted to test himself and we had a fight, you can see it on the take, he is the Kung Fu guy in yellow shorts.And if you do did you and your brothers every beat some guy that dated them. I bet most guys were scared shitless to date her. I have two sisters, they are both married. And I scare the hell out of their husbands. My sisters know now to use me. From ShelbyGirl:How do you feel about women fighting NHB?Its a free country, they can do whatever they want to. I am not personaly attracted to the idea, but I am not against it either. I like to watch girls box, just does not catch my attention as much as guys
ShelbyGirl, I will be in TX in November, if you want to fight for real, here is my e-mail contact me, and maybe I will hook you up to fight in Japan. Royce
Hey Royce. I know that your brother, Rorian, as well as other guys like Wallid are vegetarian. Why? Is it for health, religious, or ethical reasons? What's your diet like? Do you take protein supplements? None of us are vegetarians. We do not abuse on eating meat, but we eat everything, we just combine food for ease of digestion.. We would like to talk to you real time someday on Set it up. just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me, you are a true warrior and definitley changed my life thank you scott henning You are welcome Scott, it has been my pleasure teaching in America. Are you interested in training at Miletich Martial Arts with Pat Miletich, Jeremy Horn, Jens Pulver, and Matt Hughes, among others? If so, when? They have their own schedule, I have my own training partners, if It does happend, I have not idea when. What is Royce's favorite type of tunes. The Last of the Mohicas these song, but I listen to all kind of music

Would you try the Otherground?I love this post, the best post so far
I do not understand what you are saying this the H and R, but I like this post. if you know what I mean, put some more ......
I wanted to ask about the Kimo fight.I have read/heard that you were seriously dehydrated for that fight and had to go to the hospital afterwards because of it.Could you explain this a bit for us? Is it true? Were you dehydrated before the fight but fought anyways or did it sort of sneak up on you during the fight? Regardless it was a great fight and pretty inspiring to watch you beat such a big strong guy.Having witnessed the effects of dehydration firsthand several times i can understand how crippling it can be, so it's pretty amazing that you could even finish the fight. After the my fight with Kimo, I had about 15 min in the locker room. The called me out for my next fight. Right before we got into the Camera's view, we all lined up I said "Hold on Guys, I need to lay down for a second". I lay down, I remember getting up, what I do not remember is a conversation that we had, they came up to me and asked me, "Do you need anything ?" I said "Yes, can I have some watermelon juice, they said no, get up" As soon as I walked in the ring, I lost my vision, everything got white infront of me. I heard the ref, saying are you ready and I said "Yes", but I turned around, and I told my family to do something, because I could not see anything. The ref came back again, and asked for the second time, " Are you ready" I said "yes" and turned around, and I talked to my family again. " I am doing my job, you guys gotta do your job, help me out here,tell me what to do, point me in the right direction I can not see anything, tell me what to do, help me out." That is when they descided to throw in the towel. whats up Royce, how has USA treated you ove the years? What do you think of this country? What do you think about the planes flying into the twin towers in NY and our military actions? I know your not a politician but readers may find comfort in your insight being a famous fighter who probably has better international thinking than most considering you've also lived in Brazil. I like America so much, that I got an American Passport NOW. So I am an American Citizen. I have both the Brazil and US citisenships. As for the horror of September 11-th, I have a lot of students in the Army, I just got back from teaching the 82-ed Airborn and I hope that our boys will take care of some business and put an end to this shit. That's right Royce, no more big guys. You have already proven enough how effective your skills on fighting against a bigger opponent. The world knows that. So my point is, if you're planning on fighting sometime again, please look for a challege on a skill not size. The days of david vs. goliath is over! No one really wants you to fight any big guys anymore, the fans want to see Royce Gracie's skill against the skills of todays fighters. Skill vs. skill, heart vs. heart, is what we want from you. Thank you Royce, hope we can see you fight again soon. I do not challange anyone the promoters pick my fights. It does take a lot of skil to fight a bigger guy. I was wondering what your opinion was of these two fights. Sakuraba vs Silva, and Rodrigo Nogueira vs Mark Coleman. Did you expect these outcomes in both fights? Yes, I did. Any plans for you to star in a NHB video game Royce? I am talking to the UFC for the second game, and Pride also for a game.

Is it true that you and Saulo grappled?? If so how owuld you rate him and what was the outcome. I know Saulo is great but you grew up grappling with Rickson who we all know can dust Saulo.. We never went hard, we just rolled around, exchanged some ideas. He is very strong, he is very good with sweeps, very good compatitor. Royce. The boys from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada would like to say "hello", and all hope your doing well. i'll be seening you soon in Torrance when I come down after Christmas.Do not cancle anything, just contact me at, I will be teaching private classes and training. What are the main reasons for your split from Rorion/The Torrance academy? Differece in teaching philosophies? Not enough input from you? Not enough credit due where it should? The real reason was that I went to Europe for 3 1/2 weeks, came back to LA for 3 weeks, left again for another 3 1/2 weeks for Japan. Came back and I am out doing seminars on the weekends and I have not seem my kids, my wife, my family. And I think that family is very important. I love to be on the road, but I love my family too. So if I am in town, I will spend time with the family. I did not get married and have kids not to take care of them.