Royce Hightlights: Part IV

Hey hoyce! in your opinion who are some fighters currently competing in MMA that don't get enough recognition for their accomplishments? man, they are all tough guys, everyone should get respect, go in the ring and do what these guys do Without a doubt, your dominance in the early UFC shows is responsible for the growth of MMA in the United States. I was wondering if there was a possibility that you would consider fighting in the UFC again? I believe that you will excel in the welter-weight division (170 lbs.) Please consider this. I will fight, I am a fighter, but I will not fight under the current UFC Rules Are you and Caique gonna form some sort of alliance since alot of the TA's went with Caique? How do you feel about him leaving the Torrance Academy? Do you plan to have a fight team and competitive BJJ team in the local tournaments like Renzo, Ralph, Yamasaki, etc. They way in which Caique left the Academy was not right. The way he lied to TA's. So I do not want to have anything to do with Caique. He used to be my friend, not anymore. Yes I am planning on creating a team to compeat on BJJ tournaments.
How did he leave?
He lied about everything, I told him, tell me the truth, about whatever your plans are and I will be behind you, instead he looked me in the eyes and said nothing just yet, three days later he as an Academy.
Royce, you said he lied to the TA's, what did he lie to them about?
I do not want to get into he said , I said, we said lets just say that Caique knows what he saidI'm looking to host a seminar on December 7th and 8th of 2001... The buiding is in an excellent location 20 minutes from Manhattan and 4 minutes from Newark... My name is Eddy Rolon... I have read that since your wife Marianne, is from the east coast very close to NY, it is under very close consideration that you may decide to relocate to the Greater NYC area (Jersey side?). I have the ability to offer you a rent free alternative to getting your own location. Or at the very least a rent free location to run additional classes from if you make the move to the east coast.Eddy, thank you very much for your generous offer. I will keep it in mind, I am thinking were to go, and NY is one of the locations that I am thinking about. here is the schedule of my east coast travels in that area Royce TA Classes Philadelphia, PA November 16, 2001 Contact: Joe Guido Phone Numbers: (215)338-1620 Royce TA Classes Hartfort, CT November 18, 2001 Contact: Jim Hughes Phone Numbers: (860)233-3000 Sorry if someone already asked this. But, do you have a fight coming up this year? I know alot of people who would love to see you fight again. Any chance of a possible return to the UFC? I know there have been alot of rule changes since you left but, I'm sure if given enough time to train properly, you could adjust to the new rules. Yes, I am going to Japan to talk with Pride Nov 3

We are thinking about making an Attitude T-Shirt that says Hey watch your mouth call me lame, what do you think about that

is it true what the rumors say, that rickson taps everyone with ease? Rickson is the best in the family

PR: Hey Royce, fill out your profile, are you really a fighter? lol PR am I really a fighter, well what do you think PR, am I really a fighter. I did not creat this account, Kirik did for me, so I have no idea what this profile you are talking about.My questions are: Eventually, when you retire, what would you like your legacy to be in mixed martial arts? Also, if the UFC didn't change their rules, would you say there was a good chance you would ever fight there again? If the UFC would change the rules, yes, I would like to fight in America, I like fighting here, but just can not agree with the rules. Man, as for when I retire, its a hard question, I would like to be know as the person who showed the world that you can be a little guy, and still do the job, you see, you do not have to be big and on steroids, all you have to do it train and you can win. How would you fight Saku again if given the chance? Will you do anything different in preparing this time? In your last fight, Sakuraba was using the gi to his advantage. Now if the gi was off, would the outcome be different in your view?The gi was not a problem, yes I would fight Sakuraba. I would not do anything different, I would just take him to the ground sooner. I have a poster I made hanging in my gym. It's a picture of you with Kimo in your open guard, you are holding his arm with one hand and his hair with the other, gritting your teeth, while he is punching you in the face. Beneath it is this quote: "There will come a point in the race, when you alone will need to decide. You will need to make a choice. Do you really want it? You will need to decide." I imagine you faced a moment like that with Kimo, and you came through. Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. Thank you, yes the Kimo fight was tough. But I did not have a choice, I had to win the fight. I thought I had a pretty good question regarding on who he would train with in preparation for a fight? Will he train with his current students or some of his family members like Rickson, Royler or Renzo? Also if he plans to do a seminar in Chicago, which would be great considering all the jiu jitsu and MMA schools in the area. At this time, I do not have anything in Chicago, but hey set it up and I will be there. Are you training any serious striking? and who are you training with to keep you Jiu Jitsu sharp? I train JJ every day, I train stand up, not so much so that I can be a great striker, but more to be able to see ahead of time, what the other guys is going to do. Watch out for the brown recluse.He's been taking out alot of mma fighters.I'm sure if he heard royce gracie was around those parts he might go in for a challange match.Watch out royce. Well he did not come, I am back in Charlotte, NC stop over here at my friends and on my way back to LA will be there later today. (1) Why the term "Attitude" (2) Are you going to produce a line of Royce Gracie Gis and other MMA gear? We are in the try out times, if the product sells, we will add more stuff and yes we will make the GI's most likely with ATAMA, I like their gi's royce, at what age do you teach kids armbars and chokes? There is no age, I play with my kids, like my father did with me, you see, I do not force Jiu-Jitsu on to them, its like a game, we have fun, and they are developing the basics at an early age.

Will you be opening your own school? If you do will it be any different than the Gracie Academy? Will you solely be consentrating on YOUR training? Do you want your son to do NHB competition? Will you bring out any other shirts from your attitude gear? I may do something with the school, but not till next year. Yes I would love for my kids to fight NHB someday, but I would also love to see them do whatever they want to in life. We will be doing more Attitude stuff, right now I am just experimenting, to make sure that there is interest, and so far its been good, so we will start adding some more stuff. Do you think it's fair to ask for special rules in a tournament? Why? I am not asking for speccial rules, I just want make a clean sport, with no rules. So that they are no doubts. You see, I am in a very unique position, many fans do not want to admit it, you see, they put a post, well Royce fight, win some loose some, we do not care, but at the end , they do care. Look at the posts after my fights, no matter what I do its being talked about. Shamrock did not do anything in the UFC V fight, and he come out to be a hero. No one says anything about that, I beat him in 56sec, he stayed there for 30 min, and then another 5 min, and could not do anything, but that was enought for him to talk SHIT, and everyone else to agree. I do not ask for speccial rules, I ask for fair rules, the true rules of the fight, that test not only your fighting ability, but also your endurance, and skils. do you think Zuffa is taking The sport in the right direction? or do you prefer pride? They have their own ways, they are both looking for the best rules. The last UFC 33, I was there was a great production.

Something to think about

There has been a lot of talking on the internet, here on UG and other forums, that Royce is not going to fight, Royce can not hang in there, this and that, and this and that. This is what I have to say, Royce will fight again. I do not have to fight every day you see. Look at Mike Tyson, he does not fight every day. I have been there, I was there in the ring, before people had any knowledge of what NHB is like. Everyone likes to talk, never had a fight in their lives, but like to talk, its ok to talk its a free country, but I think that you should show some respect, if you have never done it yourself. Step in the ring with people I have been in the ring with, do what I do, be where I have been and then talk to me, you see, its easy to watch a fight on TV and say well Royce can not hang in with TOP fighters and Royce can not do this, and Royce can not do that. Hey I have been doing this for a long time, and I have been in the ring when no one knew what to expect, I did not have footages on my oponents to study and figure out their game, I just step in the ring and did my job. Like I said, this is America, you want to talk, talk, but this is what I have to say, if you are such a tough guy, show up when I am in town and tell this stuff to my face, talk to me insted hide behind fake names, and fake e-mail addresses. Royce is not gone, I am in best shape of my life, and I am ready to fight, but I have principals by which I live, principals that have been established in my family way before anyone in America knew what NHB is, and I stick by those principals. Is that wrong, I do not think so. And if these so called Top guys are such top guys, what is wrong with what I am asking, NO RULES, we step in and see who is the best. End of the story.
Could you tell me your oppinion on the difference between your fathers style and that of Maeda (Conde Koma).. I ask because as you know Maeda was of similar size as your father and had fought many vale-tudo style fights (against very large men as well)...In Maedas fights he finished all the time with sangaku-jime,juji-gatami and a variety of other shime-waza (including hadaka-jime). Maeda (though he was from the kodokan) had to use mostly ne-waza when fighting vale-tudo in order to submit while avoiding being hit...This of course resulted in him using alot of takedown techniques such as morote-gari and tomoe-nage... Similar is an overwhelming way to how your father fought and the way that he teaches...So how closely related where their styles? I ask many older Judoka and BJJ men and they tell me that Helios style was closest to Maedas because Helios other brothers (your uncles) relied on a power style instead of the technique....So what is your oppinion on the subject? Whoever told you that has no idea what they are talking about. My father was 140lbs, he did not have any power to rely on. The difference was that he modified the moves to be relying on technique and not strengh

JavaOne: After finally breaking free from the chains of Rorian, we are seeing a new different Royce Gracie. What are your predictions? Is this all a big publicity stunt for his new apparel company and school? Is he just talking about fighting and not intending to come through on his words? Anyone still skeptical of his intentions? IMO, he is unleashed and has sincere intentions of getting back into the ring. I say he does very well business wise, but not so well fighting wise. In any cae, congrats for finally breaking free from PuppetMaster Rorian. JavaOne you should become a news man. You like to talk alot. And thank you for worring about my finances. As for not doing well in fighting, you must be following some other Royce Gracie's carrier, because this one, has taken on all comers, of all sizes and shapes with no time limits, no weight limits, and so far has the longest single match in recent NHB history. So I say, with you information you should get a job at the GLOBE or the SUN

Hey guys, I would like to thank everyone on this room for your questions and comments. I would like to thank UG and Kirik who put this thing together. I promice you that for as long as UG keeps the post up, I will be coming back and answering as many questions as I can. I am leaving for Japan next week, to start teh talks with Pride about the next fight. I will make an appearance on the Pride that is coming up, and then start the talked about the next fight. I also have planns to start helping out some of my students to go and fight in Japan, so there should be plenty of news coming out from my corner I have to leave Charlotte, I am on my way back to LA now. Will be traveling again I am in Cleveland Next week, so if you live near by come over and take a seminar. I will be back, as long as this post stays here. =================================

do you have any funny stories of how you beat the shit out of people? I do not beat the shit out of anyone, I only defend myself if I have to. But yes I do have a lot of stories. Would you fight Vanderlei under the same rules that you fought sak in? I am a fighter, I will fight whoever Royce vs Wallid Ismail in NHB? Royce please make this fight happen. Hes been talking shit about you since the Brazilian Jujitsu matchup and seeing as he wouldnt last 30 seconds against you in a Mixed martial arts match I think its time to put him in his place. He is done, finished, he can talk all the shit he wants. The problem with Walid, he does not know when to shut up. You see, he talked so much shit, that people are sick of hearing it. I have no opinion on Walid, therefor whatever he says does not effect me. He wants to fight, I am a fighter. how do you think a fight, NHB, would go between Wallid and Ryan Gracie? Ryan all the way MMA has to be the greatest sport. Where else can you talk with the icon, the founder of a sport. Icon's of other sport propably would'nt give any of us the time of day. You don't need to respond Royce but I just want to say thanks. And a big thanks to Kirik and the crew, your the best. Yes, I would like to thank Kirik, he has done a great job, to try and work around my schedule, and keeping the post that is very nice of him. As for being here, you guys are the one that make me, you see, the fans of the sport is what makes the sport, its not the fighters, they are just doing a job, but without fans, no one would care. So its my pleasure to be here with you guys.