Royce in UFC Japan!?!

Report: Royce Gracie may be fighting in UFC 51 / Japan

Sources are reporting that Zuffa and Royce Gracie's camp are trying to work out a deal to get Royce fighting in Zuffa's Dec 19th Japanese show.

Royce has been reluctant to fight in the UFC because of strict rules imposed on Zuffa from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Any fight promotion that is serious about being part of main-stream sports generally is sanctioned by the NSAC to lend creditability and to secure brand name sponsors. The UFC / Zuffa organization sanctions all events through the NSAC.

The NSAC does not have the jurisdiction to sanction overseas bouts / events. I.E. Zuffa can not have the UFC 51 / Japan show NSAC sanctioned. Zuffa is clear to have open rules bouts. This means that Royce can negotiate “special rules.”

It is no secret to MMA fans that Royce prefers; to fight in his gi, for longer rounds, for unlimited rounds, without referee stoppages. These rules are perfectly legal in Japan, and these rules can not be over ridden by any U.S. sanctioning body, for example the NSAC.

Sources close to Zuffa have leaked that Royce is in negations to fight in Japan AND one of the main reason Zuffa wants to host a show in Japan is to bring back Royce Gracie.

It has also been reported that the UFC is in negotiation with none other then Ken Shamrock. Is Ken vs. Royce III a possibility? Many are saying yes. Ken is the UFC’s current number 1 draw, and a rematch between him and Royce would be one of the most anticipated fights in MMA history.

More news to follow.

RonkieStyle, MMA Reporter

The rumor / leak is that these talks started after the 10 anniversary show.

"dana did say something about a "special fighter" for the japan show in one interview..." Good point goku...

Royce Vs Hughes for the title.

A Ken/Royce rematch? Great idea!!! Their last fight was spectacular!!

When ever I try to explain the sport to the average person, Royce is still the guy that makes them light up (OH yah that little guy who ...")

Ken Shamrock's name is huge too.

Could be one for the ages ...

ken can keep it standing to win

Kick his ass Seabass!

I think Ken would knock Royce out standing.

Royce vs Genki is possible..

it would suck -

their last fight = most boring ever - they should pay me for the 1/2 i lost

I call BS on this thread. Dana just said that they would not alter any rules at UFC Japan so that they can keep a good relationship with NSAC.

"Royce vs Genki is possible.. " That is the other rumor I am hearing...

"Dana just said that they would not alter any rules at UFC Japan so that they can keep a good relationship with NSAC. " Royce will only fight in a gi

Royce vs Shamrock will not happen! Royce told me personally that he will not fight Shammy until Shammy wins a tournament. He already beat him once, tried to set it up in UFC 3 (in the tournament and ken and royce both had to pull out) and then fought to a draw in UFC 5 superfight after Ken spent 2 years learning jiu jitsu to "beat" Royce. Until Ken wins a tournament, Royce doesn't have to fight him

i suppose ufc could have a 'superfight', demo or special fight with royce, with the rest of their fights under nsac rules.

yusul, I think that is the plan...

Ken would obliterate Royce nowdays.

anyway its probably going to be Rickson.

Since the show will be on tape delay in the U.S. anyway, why not? If you get another snooze fest, you can always edit it down.

this guy has no idea what he's talking about... he said the show is on the 19th, when its on the 12th...

dana said he will not change the rules regardless of where he is. he said that it would look bad of the ufc to agree to the ncas rules and 1st chance they get to change them, they do... he will not change them, end of story.

i'm starting to believe dana regarding people posting the most rediculus stuff on the web... its almost comical.

royce would get knocked out easily now

lol at royce wanting to get ken to win a tournament, he just doesnt want to fight at all