ROYCE is going to KICK Matt's ASS

There, I said it. I have seen Mr. Gracie since the live ppv of UFC 2. He is the UFC, the UFC is his house, he will submit Matt, and all you new comers to the great sport of MMA will know to respect the name of Royce Gracie.

Mr. White, props on putting this fight together right in my backyard. Mad props.

That would be awesome, and I hope it happens, but unfortunately there is next to no chance of that happening.

Dude, Matt was EASILY submitted by fat face BJ Penn and you UG brethren doubt the name of Royce Gracie. Trust me, stick to your roots with this one.

I will be honest, I did not like Matt Hughes when he first started, his fighting style was boring as fuck. He has progress a lot since then, and he is now 100 times way more exciting to watch in the Octagon, but he will be submitted, and you noobies will respect the name of Royce Gracie.

SOOOOOO Not going to happen, but as a BJJ player, I'd be extremely excited.

Troll on brother.

I can't believe that you guys have no faith in Royce. I understand it has been a while since we have seen him in the Octagon, I feel you. But I Royce will undergo a transformation when he steps in the Octagon, he will remember the days when he beat the whole UFC 1 tourny in under 5 minutes, and do his utmost to live up to his days of dominance.

It will be just like an old lion coming back to the reclaim his pride. Matt Hughes will be submitted in Los Angeles, and you noobies will know to respect the name of Royce Gracie.

Let me get this straight, does the whole UG think this fight is going to be totally a one sided beating of Royce Gracie?

From form, common opponents, recent results and data/facts gathered from MMA events in the last 3 years....

Yeah, Hughes is going to rape him.

I am not trolling at all man, straight up, I really believe Royce is going to win this one. Anything can happen in a fight, so I am not going to rely on research and what not, I am going to rely on the man that had been here since the very beginning, before most of you even knew what mma was. I guess I am the only dude that things Royce will win.

Alright, time to watch TUF3, peace.

alot of people are talking about owRoyce can be a dick to guys when he is submitting them by not letting go when the ref is telling him that it is over. I just watched Matt submit some guys and after he let go right away, he checked to see if they are ok and to thank them... Matt seems very humble and nice by contrast.

Royce is going to help that farm boy up, and send him home.


Royce got manhandled by a 140lb Judoka, severly.

I agree that Royce will win.

...but i'm just a lowly KKM, so you're on your own. :(

I really like and respect Royce he was the reason I got into BJJ years ago, but everytime I hear someone talking about how he is going to win I cannot help but think of the simpsons.

Behind the doors of the walkway, Moe has a last chat with Homer.

Moe: All right, Homer, I'm not gonna lie to you. There's a good chance you can beat Tatum. But you gotta visualize how you're gonna win, okay?

Homer: Gotcha.

[dreams on about his victory]

Announcer: A congenital heart defect has apparently felled Tatum moments before he could step into the ring.

It will be a boring fight in my opinion. Hughes will easily get the takedown (Royce will wait for it to pull guard) Then Matt is going to try to pass and/or G&P. Neither will happen in my opinion. Just to be clear, I am not saying Matt won't ding him up. I just think Royce has a great guard for MMA. He is great at controlling the head and defending strikes from the closed guard.

Ultimately, a clear win for MATT

(Although I would love it if there was a really sweet sub. And if that happens, most of this forum will call work!)

It sounds good...NOT do you see it happening?

I think it will go the distance. I also dont think Hughes will sub Royce, or KO him standing. Hughes can easily KO him on the ground. I definitely see a lot of GnP attempts from Hughes, and then them getting stood back up. Then it will happen again. Hughes won't pass Royces guard, and wont tap him. Instead he will throw bombs from half guard and Roye will get hit with some bombs, but many will be glancing shots, since Royce defends well. This will keep happening until time is called and Matt is decided the winner.

Pimp you are welcome to come over to my place and get your reality shot ;).

Give me a call.