Royce / Joe Rogan

In a recent interview on

Royce says he can choke out joe rogan before you can count to 4
How does everyone think this fight would go?
if its plain grappling no gi i'd say its pretty even

Royce would own are you kidding? Royce has been doing BJJ since he was born learning from the guys who invented it.

I think Rogan would suprise him.

joe by sprawl and brawl

Royce has a big mouth

royce is correct. rogan is a pussy that will never step up .

Royce, but Joe would surprise him with his knowledge, in the end Royce's experience would be too much.

But what about in Vale Tudo?

You guys crack me up. Rogan by banana chilli fries!

Just like the tv show "Pros and Joes", My money is on the pro.

"average brown belt at best"

^^^ sounds pretty damn good imho!

ttt to get rogan's thoughts on this!

Joe would not be choked out in 4 seconds. Royce would likely win but he'd have to work for it. Joe's not just an announcer/comedian, he's a legit threat on the mat.

Roye can't get a legit win against anyone in modern MMA, so he is
reduced to fighting celebrity matches. Royce or Vanilla Ice? After seeing
Royce at Dynamite, I got Ice.


Give Rogan credit. It would take Royce at LEAST 4.5 seconds.

I think he's implying most MMA fans can't count that high....

Sounds like a hoid rage outburst to me....

"Sounds like a hoid rage outburst to me...."

yep,i would bet on joe

rogans rubber guard versus royces rubbery leg guard
i think if it ends up in either guys guard its gonna be a stalemate. rogan has a lot of experience no gi and seems very explosive, royce has legit skills but doesn't seem agressive enough

 bobby ologun had no mma experience, he was a comedian, he lasted more than a round vs royce

I have to admit I'd watch

Rogan takes this.