Royce needs to fight MMA again

bring on Dan Henderson, Murilo Ninja, Quinton Jackson, or Vanderlei Silva!! c'mon, Royce do it for the fans.

Dan Henderson and Murilo Bustamante are willing to fight 205, why not Royce? hell, Royce fought much larger opponents than these guys in the early UFCs.

I want to see him at 185.

"Dan Henderson and Murilo Bustamante are willing to fight 205, why not Royce?"

Royce just fought Yoshida in case you didn't notice.

surprised like you were when he kicked Yoshida's ass.

Royce has nothing to prove anymore!!


Come on! of course he does! according to the UG he beat up a talentless slob who practices a useless martial art.

- so, according to the trolls, this fight should have proved nothing.

It is nice to see Royce back.

It would also be nice to see him fight top WW's or MW's in reg. MMA rules.

this thread ain't about me wanting him to prove SHIT. i just want (as a MMA fan) to see him matched up with some more of today's elite. you guys need to quit turning every Royce thread into some huge controversial issue. this ain't what that's about.

He should have never stoped.

It'd be great for him to return.

He should go at 185 against people his own size. It'd be cool.

Royce was never my favorite, but I give the dude props. Fighting much bigger people all the time is simply not done much anymore, and at 185 he'd be tough.

I don't think he'd match up well with the top 205ers. They all melt down from 220. But 185, he'd be a real gumby and a potent subs force, and bring some fans to the sport.