Assuming this May event takes place in Nevada, the fighter purses are public record and the truth will be known. Current top pay w/ a win is somewhere around what $225,000? Royce's payday?????

my uneducated guess, knowing Royce's dislike for current UFC rules/judging:

$500,000 / no win bonus

is 225 the highest ever? who was paid that and for what fight? if anyone can tell me

really doubt there's a win bonus for the fight as Royce wouldn't want to leave that up to the judges.  But I guess there could be a win bonus for promotional reasons - if Zuffa wants to call it the biggest purse in UFC history or something (I doubt it, but you never know).

300,000 total i say

we will find out after their fight when NSAC announces them

Isn't this fight going to take place in CA?

1.2 mil app if I had to hazzard a guess ;)


If the fight goes down in CA, we may be speculating forever. I don't know if the CSAC releases the fighter purses.