Royce pulled a Rocky Balboa

In one of the Rocky movies, Rocky comes out as a Righty and half way switches to his southpaw. Reminds me of Royce not wearing the gi. Everyone thought he would wear the gi. I heard he wore it down the runway. All the pics of him training he was wearing a gi. You know that Yoshida was preparing for the gi and training gi techiniques all along. I can just imagine what he was thinking when Royce pulled the gi off. Anybody that has wrestled in a duel and then had the opposing coach change the guy you were gong to wrestle at the last second knows that feeling, its like oh shit....

Yeah it sucks. Its a big OH SHIT!

dirty tactics. Royce had to resort to psychological tactics to even hang with Yosh on this one. Not to mention the illegal and intentional groin strike.

Royce taking off his gi showed that he is a smarter fighter then Yoshida. (its MMA people, not BJJ/Judo) If Yoshida had any intelligence then he should've took his off the first moment he saw Royce do it.

Bloody Brilliant!!!

It reminds me of when Tito was supposed to fight Vitor the first time and brought Carlson Gracie jr to the press conference just to play with Vitor's mind!!!