Royce, Question about ur royalties

Royce, Im trying to write a small article on the current state of MMA. I have a couple questions for you.

Have you ever been paid royalties for DVD's sold by promotions bearing your fights on the DVD? In other words has the UFC ever paid you royalties for the dvd's they sell that have one of your fights on them? Has the UFC ever paid you royalties? Has any promotion ever paid you royalties for this? Are you usually paid a price for competing in the event, and thats it? You are not paid after that competition?

If you are paid royalties, how often are you paid? Im not asking how much, because I dont want to get into your finances. I want to ask this same question from other fighters on this forum. Thank you so much for your time.

And Royce, are you aware if the UFC provides legal medical insurance for all of its fighters? In other words, if you break your leg in a fight at the UFC, will they pay for the costs of your medical bills? Or are you forced to pay them yourself? What about Pride?

Royce does not get anthing from the videos of his fights. UFC owns the rights to the fights. No fighters get anything, this is true for Pride as well. As for the insurance, do not know about UFC, but Pride does offer coverage for injuries during a fight.

thx mike

royce took a video camera and shot video of his training while training for yoshida. when will he release this video.