Royce says F----k OFF

Hidehiko Yoshida vs. Royce Gracie journalist Luke Beston was live at the Royce Gracie press conference in California. Luke reports the following exclusively to

"I just got back from the press conference. Actually it was a long string of
interviews from Japanese printed media and television. I was the only
representative of the western media I saw. Feel free to write this up or
edit it how you like.

Royce was asked a lot about his feelings about the screw-job when he last
fought in Japan. He called Yoshida a liar, and said he is going to torture
him in this fight. He is in excellent condition, citing that his pulse can
drop 60 beats in one minute of resting. When asked what he thought about
Yoshida saying he was a whiner, Royce said Yoshida can 'Fuck off' to the
Japanese television crew.

Royce will be accompanied to Japan by a number of his brothers and cousins
to Japan. His father Grandmaster Helio said he would love to go and support
Royce, but has said he will never return to Japan after what happened with
Royces last fight.

Royce was questioned about the BJJ and Jiudo rivalry, and said that he likes
Jiudo, has trained Jiudo as a kid, but this has nothing to do with Jiudo,
it's personal between him and Yoshida. When questioned about the difference
between Jiudo and BJJ, Royce clarified that Judo is a sport, and BJJ is for
the street. He said he even used to be a fan of Yoshida's from his Gold
Medal, but now had no respect for him. He said this fight is not about
whether BJJ or Jiudo was best, he had already proven BJJ is superior. He
asked for Yoshida to try and do three (real) fights in one night." -Luke Beston

I love it

This will ba a good fight!

Them's fighting words!! Excuse my ignorance - when's it on?

There is way too much talking prior to fights these days, they should just shut up and go at it. What they have to say about the impending match is less important than the outcome of the match itself.


Dave , you would never cut it as a marketing executive ...

its on New years eve

If the fighters didn't talk before a fight we all might actually like Mundine and Ozkan, now that would be scary!

I wouldn't be alone in suggesting they should be allowed to have pre-fight conferences...however the conferences must be held in 'blankety blanks' style format.


Royce: "Yoshida can suck my BLANK. Last time we fought he said he BLANKED me, but it was no BLANK. That BLANK is gonna wish he'd never ask me to BLANK him in the first place..."

ttt for blankety blanks. Aaron, that is why I'm not in marketing:)


Hey Dave ,

If you need a present idea for your girlfriends mum for christmas , I noticed 'Steve O - Dont try this at home #2' has just been released .

She will love you for it ;)

Ahh bull. Hoyce will not give up - it's his Braz pride on the line now. If he goes down, Cobras will eat this thread... :)

Has anyone seen the original fight on tape? & when is the rematch on?

chokemasta, I think you meant:
"Royce is preparing himself for another BLANK"

Awesome..I love rematches especially controversial ones like this. I'm going for Royce, still got a soft spot for the old bugger.
Going by the latest interviews he absolutely detests Yoshida and Helio won't even go back to Japan because he's still pissed at the last decision.

Sorry for being nieve but what happened last time that Helio wont go there again?

Helio was pissed that the ref stopped the fight between Royce and Yoshida unnecessarily.I think he feels betrayed.
Oh well time to move on, time for the REMATCH.

Very True TimmyTapOut

ttt for Cobras eating the threat if Royce goes down

I like the thought of a conspiracy theory behind all of this!

Perhaps the fight was fixed, hence the questionable end to the first fight, Helio backed a fortune with the Triads against his man, picking up an enormous win, so big in fact, that the triads have sworn to kill him if he returns!

Any takers?

PS just some fun, not trying to offend anyone!


Royce is going to get killed

Hmmmm, I'm going with Royce, I think Yoshida got lucky the 1st time????

*runs and hides from Dutch Law and freestylejudo*


I wouldnt be suprised if Royce wins , i think it will be a draw . Dont see royce getting killed , but anything can happen .