Royce says F----k OFF

Benny: F----K OFF is FARRRK OFF!!
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Rematch! REmatch! Rematch!
For the 800th time WHEN IS IT ON?????

Sen, when you said "Royce was grimacing" at Yoshida's footlock, do you think Royce was attempting the 'Hamburglar' when Yoshida tried to apply the choke?

Just a thought.

Angeel, I like how your mind works.

wookey , look 3 posts below the last time you asked when it was on in this thread and you will see the answer .


before you offend me with your Judo-esque comments again please consider:

1. I gave up Judo (aka Jiudo) in 1999; and
2. I have been attempting to learn the awesome art of BJJ blah blah etc etc ever since.

Given one cannot teach neither old dogs,long-term girlfriends or ex-jiudoka new tricks, my BJJ related efforts have been for nought beyond filling the pockets of the local BJJ franchises and international singing sensations (bloody Robbie Williams!).

If I, basically someone who hasn't learnt a trick in the last four years, can win Gold medals at the worlds third biggest BJJ event, I'd have to say that Yoshi will likely slaughter Royce. In any event I have it on good authority that Yoshi has been practicing in a high gravity environment to ensure that his ground skills are up to the task al la Dragon Ball Z.

Also, following his victory, I'd expect Yoshi to go super-saien, devour Rio and maybe demolish a planet or two for good measure.

Given Yoshida's performance against Silva. And the fact that many people including Josh Barnett and Vanderlei Silva have said that he is the strongest person they've ever faced on the ground, I can't see Royce doing much to him..

Most likely, I see a controversial ending (gracie style). Or a long drawn-out borefest, ending in a draw. (There will be no JD's, either win/lose by sub or draw)

If I had to judge striking, I think they are both pretty poor. With the edge going to Yoshida, because theres more weight behind his strikes.

Thanks Aaron (removes glasses and polishes them on his t-shirt)

Was there much emphasis on what has been called 'the guard' in Judo training - when compared with BJJ?

I guess what I'm asking is, was the guard a BJJ invention or was that theme/technique part of the original Judo/JuJitsu training?

P.S. Minus 10 points to Wookey73 for moving off thread topic...sorry.

I'm going for Royce. I think if people want to see a style vs style match they should probably find two people the same weight.

Sifting throught the muck that comprises my memories...

Judo competitive rules are very different from BJJs. When caught in Guard, it is tactically sound to attempt to stand and attempt to lift the opponents shoulders off the mat. If this can be achieved, then the match is paused, the players are disengaged, and then are re-started (both) standing from their original starting positions.

Another consideration is that points for throws are not awarded if the player attempting the throw has already made the transition from standing to the ground... this explains why some throws (tomenage) etc are termed sacrifice throws i.e. if they don't work, you've given up a scoring position and have to stand up to score any additional throws (+ you might get penalised for trying to be a Texas Ranger too).

All the 'pure' guard escapes that I learnt while doing Judo (not to say I learnt them all) basically set you up for triangle in the BJJ context. I'm not sure about the legality of triangles in Judo competition as they often place considerable pressure on the spinal vertebrae and/or could be seen as a shoulder joint lock(?) - both of which will get you instantly disqualifed in a Judo comp.

Let it be known I have never lost a fight due to submission from Guard.


Done, the DVD is in her Xmas stocking:)

I have total faith in Royce, there is alot that all you guys that aren't tipping Royce are forgetting.

1. It is possible that the reason that he wasn't defending the choke is because the choke wasn't doing anything?

2. Strong dosn't necessarily mean good, unless he Yocheater knocks Royce out with the slam it dosn't mean shit. Royce is used to being weaker than the other guys and has built his Jiu Jitsu around that pretense. In short, not an issue.

3. A fight dosn't have to look good or be exciting, the aim is to win, not to entertain. If real fighting was based on looking impressive and exciting we would all be doing TKD or some such shit. Jiu Jitsu ain't pretty but it works.

4. Royce is giving away weight so it is going to take time to finish that Judo guy, a finish is a finish, last I looked it didn't matter how long it took.

That all being said GGGOOOOOOOOOOO ROYCE!!!!!!!!


Yoshida by complete ownage.

'I'm not sure about the legality of triangles in Judo competition..'

I'm pretty sure you can lock one on, but you can't pull down on the head. Also it's kinda easy to pick someone your size up from the triangle, which instantly breaks the hold, as you mentioned earlier.

They're just not that viable in jiudo comps, and hence not widely taught. This is why you'll get a few competition jiudokas who have no idea what a triangle is (but this always makes the return to jiudo that much more fun) :)

You know, Royce would never say that in public. He is better mannered.

I think if Yoshida wins it will be by decision
where as Royce will get the submission to win.

If Yoshida get a submission on Royce I will eat this thread.

I believe the term is Yocheata.

oooooooooooeeerrrrrr!!!!!! cop that! :P

In regards to strength, I didnt mean general strength. Obviosuly Royce has never had that, but Yoshida has fantastic control once he gets on top, (more like mat strength). If he can pass Royce's guard (which he was on the way to doing in the first match), royce could be in trouble, especially with strikes involved.

Yoshida arguably beat Vanderlei Silva. throwing him repeatedly (when silva wasnt wearing a gi, and also has great take-down defence). And was even able to land a few strikes here and there.

I like Royce (he is a legend for f*ck sake), but going on current form you have to favour Yoshi with this one.

Yoshida also got put in a decent triangle by Silva who aint no Royce on the ground.

Seeing as there are no judges I think it will be a draw with neither doing a whole lot of work.