Royce says F----k OFF

B.S. Royce will not sit idle. Like I said b4, his pride's on the line and that's no small thing to anyone let alone a Gracie.

Agreed the Ref may have made a mistake, but Yoshida didn't have to agree with it...hence "Yocheata", taking a win under dubious circumstances and not acknowledging the fact.

Byron, He wasn't passing the guard as he stopped to do the choke, don't get your logic on that one. BTW "a" beats "b" logic dosn't work and last I looked Royce wasn't Silva.


Hmmmmm, seems to have touched a nerve or two.

I agree Royce is well past his best fight days.

Still looking forward to this match though and still tipping Royce to win it.


He was in the half-guard i think. Thats closer to passing than being in full-guard, so i guess you can say he was on his way. I ain't going to question a brown belt on this! :) You are right though, it looked as though he had no real intention of passing, and instead wanted to set up that choke.

Royce hasnt won in nearly 4 years. And that was a complete bore fest against Takada.

Yoshida has been active and has beaten decent fighters like Frye, and Tamura and a very respectable performance against Silva.

I'm not basing my pre-diction on the silva fight. Examining someones recent form can be a good indicator of how good a fighter someone is. Obviosuly, its not the be all and end all. But it certainly helps. If someone has recently beaten quality opponents, than it is highly probable that they will be favoured against a fighter who hasn't had a convincing victory in 9 years

Probability dictates that Royce is due for a win:) I know that Royce hasn't done well recently, but i'm punting for him because when I saw Royce whoop some arse in the UFC all those years ago it inspired me to take up BJJ, I am a sentimental fool.

I just love it when Judo guys lose their shit because I called him Yocheata, so what? If he acknowledged the fact that it was a dubious decision involving a Jap fighter in Japan with a Japanese ref then maybe my opinion would be different, he didn't have to change it he just had to acknowledge it, but I guess that they are having a rematch so it was acknowledged, good for Yocheata. All that aside the key phrase is opinion. Judo guys ya gotta love them.

What is more disturbing than me calling Yocheata, Yocheata, is the fact that people are very quick to denigrate someone because they lose a few times. he is in there fighting and we are on the net talking about it like we actually know, it is pretty pathetic really. In reality I wish both fighters the best of luck, but i'm really punting for Royce. Anyone that has the kind of mettle to step in there is a winner, or completely mental.


I hope Royce is the winner, after going completely mental on Yocheater's ass.

AvA said "Yoshida is a far more talented athlete who has fought and defeated far better athletes". I must admit i know nothing about Yoshida but i would have thought Severn & Shamrock would have been right up there as athletes, wouldn't they? If Yoshida has defeated FAR better athletes than Severn and Shamrock he must have defeated the best athletes on this planet!

I know sherdog and kcfighter dont have his their full record but they both have Yoshida at 3 wins 1 loss. wins aginst Fry (who i don't belive is as good as Severn), Satake and Tamura and a loss against Silva.

Correct me if I'm wrong but Yoshida is an olympic gold medalist Judoka and has won just about everything else you can in Judo, a sport with a huge number of players all over the world.

You guys are all nuts!

It is not as if a victory in this match by either fighter will instantly validate that style as superior and by inference make all the internet warriors who practice that art instantly tougher. WTF? If this is what you are pinning your hopes on then you guys had better get back to training.

We have seen time and time again that a high level of expertise in one martial art be it Judo, BJJ, thai Boxing, Karate or whatever dosn't make a legendary MMA fighter. Be that as it may I have total faith in Jiu Jitsu and this is why I back Royce. Yoshida isn't guaranteed a victory just as Royce isn't guaranteed a victory, we will only know by seeing the result. If either player loses it dosn't make the art they practice bad and likewise the winner's art isn't superior. Our speculation means nothing!!!!!

I am backing Royce and if you don't like it, eat my arse!


I'm with Dave i wasn't trying to say who would win, just saying Royce has in my opinion face so world class athletes, how esle can Sevren keep competing at age 47?

Since Ali won a gold medal for boxing and i asume boxing is a bigger sport than Judo does this mean Boxing is beter than judo or that Ali would beat Yoshida? NO...

Surely Severn and Shamrock would have to be classed as world class athletes eventhought they never won a gold medal in the olympics.

It all comes down to who the better fighter is on the night. I think Ava was just pointing out that Yoshida was top of his game, which is an olympic sport with a huge number of higly skilled athletes competing with the same knowledge of techniques.
Royce fought world class athletes but used techniques they new little about 2 beat them. He is not the top of his game.
Judo vs BJJ is just silly, its MMA.

Sarcasm On - I reckon you'll be able to telll how worried Royce is by looking at his Gracie Train. The shorter (the Early UFC's where he only had 3-4 guys) the train the more confident, the longer (against Sakuraba where he had half of Brazil in the Gracie train)the more worried.

TTT for Royce. No one would have known shit about MMA/BJJ outside of Brazil without him. (with a few exceptions).

Thats a fair statment substeve about Royce used stuff that was unknow to his opponents.

the kicking clinch vs. judo chops ...yes a very tough call indeed, it could go either way. hmmmm, you know what folks, mma is the real winner here.

Good article by Liuke, btw.


Have they fought already?


Yes, you missed it Gerald. Slept thru the whole stinkin thing. Royce by flying armbar Rd:1 0:03