Royce Seminar & Party this weekend

Hi everyone!

Royce Gracie will be in Sydney on this weekend to the first weekend seminar in his Australian Tour 2004.
More information at

And everybody is invited to come to the "ULTIMATE PARTY" on Saturday 13th night at Darling Harbour. The place is the Port Orient- shop 449, 2nd Level- in the Darling Harbour shopping mall(close to the Australian National Maritime Museum). Come and join Royce is this great evening!

All seminar's participants will receive a free tkt. Extra tkts will be available at the seminar or at the party's door for $20, from 9pm.

See you there!

I gotta get me one of those tkt thingys...

How about an afterparty for Brisbane too???

corranhorn, sorry the best I can offer there is saturday night later in the week..see my other thread ;)

Ben, how many guys in MMA have you met? :)


C'mon Ben, I spent more time talking to you than Royce did. :p


I know Royce is a real cool guy. Just got a chuckle with "Gotta be the friendliest guy in MMA"

So we could ammend that statement to "Gotta be the 4th biggest prick in MMA" :)



I'm just so jealous that I wasn't there and yawll were.