Royce should fight silva now!

I want to see this fight because royce looks great with no gi,alot of people think silva will destroy him but I dont know with a 30 min. match I believe Royce will pull off an upset.I dont think he will tap Silva but I think he will stay in dominant position and land lots of strikes.Royce really looked good against yoshida,People always forget that there first match wasnt mma.I pick royce to beat Silva!

Me thinks Royce would get hurt.

thats what everyone thinks but you never know!look at bj penns coach nobody thought he'd beat newton!

30 seconds you guys must think royce sucks!

I wonder what year the UG will realize anything is possible in a MMA fight. I know I'll be loooong dead by then. And there will be ice skating in hell too.

I don't know that Royce could beat Vanderlai (only chance would be a submission) but Royce is very hard to hurt/finish. If its the usual no judges/time limit rules that they use for Royce, I predict a draw.

I do not think Royce sucks by any means, he just does not match up well w/Silva. I think this would be a brutal one sided beatdown. Royce should not fight someone like Silva, he should stick to fighting grapplers with so-so striking (Sak).

When did royce fight without a gi?

Royce rules, but he's getting on. I don't think I'd like to see that fight.

OK, I'm full of shit. I'd love to see that fight but Silva's got quite a big age advantage and that's something you can't train for.

lol 30 minutes

Royce is a warrior but I don't see him beating Silva. Silva's takedown and grappling game is plenty good enough to defend against Royce long enough to use his superior striking skills to beat Royce.

I'm sure if Royce wanted the fight, Pride would set it up. Royce isn't that stupid though. There are a lot easier ways for him to make a huge payday.

Rocye will be back in the gi for this one. He sheds the gi when the opponent is a better gi player.