Royce v Ken 3 or Ken v. Saku 2 ?

Which would you like to see at this stage ?

I say Royce v. Ken 3 for K-1 Dynamite's next US card.

I bet Ken would like to avenge his KO to Saku in Pride, but Royce v. Ken 3 would probably sell more tickets. Pretty even fight at this stage actually.

Royce vs Shamrock would be cool to see.

Royce or Saku vs. Frank 1.

i would love to see royce and ken go at it.....

Please, Ken would go through Royce faster then Hughes did.

I'd love to see Royce vs. Ken 3. This would really answer a lot of questions... such as who's more washed up... j/k, seriously, I'd love to see it.

I am thinking that at least 2 people on this thread never saw Sak vs Shamrock 1. Or, indeed, any Shamrock fight for the last 5 years.

Sak/Royce swing fight. NYE. Japan.

Royce would want Ken to fight at 169.