I Dunno...what do you guys think?

Hard to tell from just a video. But, judging on that alone...I would not be confident throwing Royce in the octagon against Hughes. For one thing, get rid of that stupid padded stick. He needs to be training against an opponent ALL the time, and GOOD opponents at that. Which brings me to my next criticism.

If you are going to be fighting a world class wrestler, you need to be training with world class wrestlers. Defending a shoot, from Royler, when you know it's coming, is a WORLD of difference from defending a shoot by Hughes! Same can be said of the striking. The training in that tape does not show adequate training for the striking game that Hughes is going to bring.

Playing the striking game with Royler or a padded stick is NOT going to prepare him properly. Again, this is just judging from THIS video alone.

According to Royce on that vid, he is still training with the same guy that's been training his stand-up for 12 years...I'm not even going to comment on this. Just watch his stand-up in other fights, 'nuff said.

You better believe that Hughes is training with very, very good jits people in preparation for Royce.

I have to agree with Scott.

When I saw the pad holder I thought "isn't that the same guy he's had for a million years??!!" I don't agree with the way his trainer is holding the pads, btw. As a savateur, we were taught to hold pads differently, in order to create more length and leverage for our strikes. The way Royce's trainer is holding it, Royce's strikes are going to be short and WAAAY off the mark.

Another good point that Scott made: why are you trying to train takedown defenses from Royler and Rodrigo? Are these guys takedown specialists? When was the last time Royler took ANYBODY down?

Also, lose the stick.

Also lose the BIG boxing gloves that Royler is wearing. Royce will be in for a huge shock when Matt hits him with those teeny tiny gloves.

I see Matt Hughes catching Royce after a HUGE slam.

I have to strongly agree with Scott and 4 Ranges here about Royce's training. Rolyer is not good for either striking or takedown training, hell I got better takedown defense practice at my local college level wrestling club. It would be so easy to recruit some wrestlers that would shoot on Royce, hopefully he has been doing this. The only advantage I can see is prevention of injuries from training with family members.

And 12 years? Master Chai once said in an interview that this might upset a lot of the old establishment that thinks it takes 10 years to make a thai fighter, but someone can become a good thai fighter ready to fight with 6 months to a year of proper hardcore training. Royce unfortunately signed on with the wrong thai boxing coach, because after 12 years even with sporadic training he should be much much better in thai boxing by now.

All this being said, I hope Royce triangles Hughes and then retires.

i thought that tape was a promo for something, not actual training?

"i thought that tape was a promo for something, not actual training?"

This pretty much sums it all up.

The video was a media/press workout.

Royce has worked out at Fairtex a few weeks in preperation for the fight. He's sparred with myself as well as our other amateur and pro Thai Boxers.

As far as his wrestling and BJJ training, I couldn't tell you anything about that.

I don't know, the stick thing looks a little silly, but it could be a change of pace, and it isn't totally pointless. Royce isn't a striker, never will be. From that video, all I'd say is YES he does need stronger wrestlers to spar with. But it wasn't that bad!

Wasn't too bad, better than many people, but Matt Hughs is going to be bringing in a lot more intensity. Hope Royce can handle all that coming at him.