Royce vs Bobby Ologun???

I was just looking up Royce on utube and found this fight vs Bobby Ologun. Does anyone know any details about this? Was it an exhibition fight? Was it a work? The fight looks fairly recent too(judging by the looks of Royce). I can't believe that he had a fight that I never heard of!!


Was it me or did Royce look really sloppy in this fight/match.whatever?

I think it is just you.

Ologun had Royce as a guest on his Japanese TV show, and the pair of them were supposed to have an exhibition bout and roll around a bit to entertain the audience; towards the end of round one Ologun started going at it a bit harder and punched Royce, which was not supposed to happen so in round two Royce took him out. My source for this is another thread someplace on here a few weeks ago, please don't ask me to look it up I can't even recall what it was called - if you're interested go look it up yourself :)

At what time was the punch, I missed it the first time through. thanks

Hrm...I thought it was an elbow that caused the cut - you can actually see some very sloppy editing of the video so the audience didn't see Royce bleeding all over the place.

He got rough with royce? bad idea.

if full on punches were allowed Bobby would have done better.