Royce vs Coleman

Would Royce have beaten Coleman in the UFC? In a no time limit fight I think Royce could do it but with a time limit I think it would favor Coleman. Wasn’t the time limit 15 minutes in Coleman’s reign? Or two 10 minute rounds? I forget

With headbutts - Coleman

Without headbutts - probably Coleman.


Coleman = Kimo with short hair.

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I have to disagree. I’m pretty sure Kimo actually trained at least some BJJ prior to the Royce fight. I don’t think Coleman or Hammer House really trained submissions much back in the day.

Kimo did not have the wrestling pedigree and the forward pressure that Coleman brought.

Add to that the headbutts and Royce would have been a retarded cabbage when all was said and done.


I’m looking at it more like two big strong aggressive dudes that would be a handful for Royce.

I think Coleman would take it. He was filled to the gills with sauce & could get headbutts through most likely.

But…. He didn’t have a huge gas tank by any means, so if Royce could survive & make him work, he could take over. I’d just be concerned he’d be too beat up by that time. I think Royce would be game either way.

I agree that Kimo without that pony tail might have beaten Royce, but he didnt

took royce 16 minutes to get severn in a triangle, and severn didnt know what a triangle was
also colmen could keep it standing if he preferred


Tbf Coleman still may not know what a triangle choke is.

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Coleman would take it.

Huge, jacked, world class wrestler, could punch and a decent cardio if he paced himself, which he would against Royce.

Kimo vs Royce was an epic fight! I remember thinking how cool Kimo was and awesome it was how he bridged out of Royce’s mount. He would’ve most likely beaten Royce with short hair. One of those what if moments of MMA.

Coleman would win by decision. Royce isnt giving up, like Frye, and Coleman isnt knocking him out or submitting him. If Frye could somewhat survive in the guard vs Coleman, Royce could as well. Royce had the best guard in mma at the time.

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Seeing Relson in that vid reminded me of the seminar I did with him right after Royce lost to Hughes. He had a lot to say about it. Mostly how he wouldn’t have lost if he had been training him again.

All the respect for what Royce was able to accomplish.

But Coleman would pretzel fuck him.

Colman would head butt Royce so hard that Royce wouldn’t be able to spell “Hotato” afterwards.