Royce vs Matt

Someone may have posted this video before, this was the first time I saw this.

I didnt see the whole fight but it looked like this guy who is 5'7" 143lb whos record is 14-9-1 gave Royce a pretty hard time.

I love Royce, hope he wins and I had also trained with him for a long time, but this guy cant be any better then Matt.


Hughes will win.

I still love Royce, but HUGHES!!!!!!

I hate to say it, because Royce is why I and who I started training with but I think this is going to be a tough fight for him to win.

Someone give me some hope here :D

"Someone give me some hope here :D"

Well, everyone said that Tim Sylvia didn't stand a chance against Arlovski...

Something vaguely familiar about this thread. I swear I've seen it somewhere.

I want Royce to win, but I don't see how it can happen. Hughes wins this fight relatively easily.



"Royce couldnt submit a 143 pounder"

But he submitted a 235+ lber (Kimo)

But even so, I don't see him beating Matt.

Honestly...I can understand sentimental value making people want Royce to win, but.....Anyone putting money on him needs their head examined.