Royce vs. Penn??

Who wins?


BJ all the way!! Royce is good but I really dont think he's up to BJ's level, especially when it comes to striking.


BJ would be just too much for Royce.... Got to go with the Hilo Boy on this one!!!

Penn by sub

Well hell. I gave Royce a shot when we put him against Silva. I still said Silva would most likely win. (Im not COMPLETELY insane.) So I'll use my 1:30am (still awake from yesterday) reasoning and say that Royce could control Penn and make him play his game.

Damn why do i want to take a slow ride, and take it easy? WTF is up with that.

Let me know if no one knows what im talking about.


Who we putting Royce against next? CroCop? Mino? Fedor? Coture?


Yoshida would kill don't think that says something about Royce?

BJ would win this one!

It would be tough.

Penn would win fairly easily IMO. He is a much much better striker and wrestler than Royce and his ground skills are top notch. Royce would be very hard pressed to sub Penn and think that is his best chance at winning. Bj could beat him standing or via GnP.

"Seriously, what is the point in saying a guy who walks around at 220 would kill a guy walking around at 175?"

Doens't it seem obvious? You just made the point. Royce walks around at the same weight as Penn but wasn't nearly killed by Yoshida.

You people betting against Royce are going to be some sad-sacks more sooner than later. Dana, make this happen.

i'm sorry but i sincerely doubt that yoshida could "kill penn"... bad bad bad analysis imo...

penn all the way!

What does Royce say, maybe he would be interested in taking a one fight deal with Zuffa.

If penn doesn't pull off a lucky KO at the beginning, royce will control the action and either sub or decision penn.

Not a good match for Royce! Royce would get his face turned to hamburger, and the fight would end via ref stoppage. Then, Royce would bitch about how the fight was stopped too early, which was against his "special rules." Rorion would then claim, that the fight was a win for Gracie Jiu Jitsu because of the early stoppage.


penn for sure

so your saying sierra and uno could beat hughes!!