Royce vs Yoshida Fight Update


Royce Gracie Rules Meeting: Yoshida demands shorter fight!

Late breaking news from Japan. In about 2 hours there will be a rules meeting and word is that Hidehiko Yoshida is now demanding 2 x 10 minute rounds instead of 3 x 10 minute rounds. Royce's camp commented: 'It is funny isn't it, at first they offered us unlimited rounds and we accepted it, and supposedly it was accepted by Yoshida. He even comented that Royce is th eone crying about the rules but now he is the one, just two days before the fight requesting a shorter match!

More to come on this late breaking development as we get news directly from Japan!

da ja vue?



i think Yoshida is going for a draw.


"i think Yoshida is going for a draw."

i doubt it, that's the gracie specialty. yoshida probably doesn't feel his cardio will let him go that long without gassing if he can't submit royce in th first 2 rounds.

Royce will sub him anyway...

I will be talking to them in about 2 hours, trust me these news are correct

lol @ Yoshida playing Royce.

I thought there was to be no decision? I keep seeing people type "so and so by dec." with this fight.

If Yoshi can go 15 minutes with Silva and not Gas, he can go 30 with Royce.No knock on Royce, but facing a guy like silva means stand-up fighting and stress...not to mention Silva is 202.Royce is 176(?) I can't imagine a gold medalist still only in his early to mid 30's gasing after essentially grappling for 20 minutes with a 30 pound lighter man.
I find his alledgedly asking for the time shortening to be very odd.

Well odd or not, that is what's going on

Mahoney sounds correct to my astonishment.

I dont doubt the update, btw. But trust me Yoshida is just playing Royce and trying to shake things up a bit.

Yoshida has zero "Bushido".

Yoshida does not have to play anything and the only people that are getting shaken up are DSE who have two fighters that are not in agreement about the lengh of rounds, 2 days before the fight, and they are main event.

this whole show should be canceled and properly handled in 04.

i think Saku vs. Minotoro is the main event now.

you think wrong.

Kid does not make up news you idiot, he only reports them, that is what reporter means, you get someone to call you from Japan, and they tell you something, and you post it.

The key is that you have to know these people, everyone acts like knowing the people that you write about is bad, that is how you get the latest news, but knowing the right people

So Yoshida dosnt get to ask for any rules, yet you guys get to have yours?

No ref stop, draw for anything except a tap, even if you get totally dominated... Those are not Pride rules. I like them, but they are not pride rules....I'm sure if you guys wanted to go by the true Pride rules, Yoshida wouldnt have a problem with 3 rounds because he would think he could win a decision..But since you guys change rules, I dont see where you can have a problem with him changing them a bit. And let us not forget (before we call Yoshida the whiner) who made this complaint thread...