Royce vs Yoshida Predictions

Although I would prefer the cage instead of the ring, I like the rules for this fight in Pride.
You can say what you want, Royce always wants to fight the best, and this time he gets his wish. I think Yoshida is a lot tougher than some give credit, and this is going to be a great fight.

As much as I will be pulling for Royce, and If Royce does win I think it will be via footlock. I have to go with the draw. Royce should be able to keep Yoshida of balance with the strikes, but I question the time needed.

If Yoshida proves to be to powerful, I think his only chance is via choke.


Yoshida will make Royce look like a white belt.

lol king kong is here. the biggest jujoke-a troll around

I think it will be a draw

ADEMA SANTANA IS ALIVE and he will be the 3rd man in

I must admit, Yoshida impressed the shit out of me in the Pride Tourney!

I would like to see this fight with the original UFC rules, headbutts and everything!


Yoshida is much heavier then Royce.

i want yoshida vs mino, that would be a fight


uhh yeah ok

I hate to say it, I really do, but barring a big mistake by Yoshida, the best Royce can hope for is a draw. Royce is a warrior, and that goes a long way, but Yoshida is a far-superior athelete. Someone please tell me how Royce wins this!!!

"judo never beats BJJ"

since when?

Royce claims that he will focus on foot/leg locks once again. Honestly, I like his chances simply because neither one can strike, so they can concentrate 100% on JJ. One mistake by Royce or Yoshida and the other can end the fight quickly.

Not to start any shit, but how is Yoshida far superior athlete, because of what ? He is heavier, his standup got better, he has great takedowns yet, but superior athlete how. What is about Royce that is not atheletic, he is not fat, he has great cardio ?

Anyway, I just spoke to Royce and he is ready, he is confident that he will finish this fight. Ryan and Daniel arrived to Japan, Rodrigo is there, they are training, training is going well. I am telling you a lot of you are going to be surprised come December 31. I just hope that when Royce wins, you guys will have the guts to admint it, and not start the whole well Yoshida is a judo guy, and his standup is not that great, and all that stuff.

thanx mike goodluck to royce

same goes for when Yoshida wins, no "Yoshida was heavier and stronger" excuses.

I hope to see Yoshida throwing some bombs.

ill be happy as long as yoshida fights by himself and not two on one with the referee

one on one fight is very important

The only thing that stinks about the fight is no PPV in the US. This should be the headliner for Prides debut show in the US on PPV.

Hopefully Royce will be on that card against Sakaraba , the buys would be astronomical.

Will pal talk be covering this fight live?