Royce vs Yoshida Results

Looks like it was a draw

Royce got Yoshida in Mount and his back.
By the look of the pics
Yoshida got hit with quite a few hits as well.

Royce was wearing only the gi pants in the fight where
Yoshida wore the whole gi.

Not too bad for a guy lots think cant fight!

The so called groin kick was actually a inner thigh kick that Yoshida tried to make out it was more.

In this game it is easy to accidentally strike the groin.

..cept yo-cheata!

Wouldn't be the 1st guy do goin kick would he?

You guys are so full of scheit. Yoshida can fight, did fight, pulled off no bull in the first fight but everyone said he did anyway, then draws with Royce Gracie, and still some say he is only so so. Royce is a dick IMO. He thinks he is fighting's gift to the world. But listen to him with a mike in his hand after a fight (whether him or one of his guys) and he is just a big whinger.

The kick did not seem to land that hard, and it did not look intentional. The Yvel vs Silva groin shot was 10 times worse than this one.