Royce x Saku: rather see sub grapl

I like mma way better than submission grappling but for Royce vs. Saku, I think I'd rather just see them grapple and get it over with to determine whose ground game is better.

of course Saku's ground game is better. He had more sub attempts in that match. Sakuraba nearly kneebarred Royce in their first match but the bell rang.

Saku has subbed former top 5 fighters such as Braga. He subbed Renzo, He subbed Royler as well. He subbed newton, he SUBBED current UFC LHW champ Rampage. He subbed randleman former UFC champ. He subbed black belt conan silveeira.



guy beat some clueless scrubs early in his career. What else did he do?

His biggest accomplishment was actually spanking Yoshida, but then again Yoshida won the first match more decisively.

Comparing Saku to Royce Gracie is a joke.

That said, I'd like to see your proposed sub match.

yeah, your talk is just that, talk, let's see them sub grapple and end the speculation.

either that, or let them fight w/out time limits, as last night's match just proved that those two need a no-time limit fight to get any satisfaction.

Would be nice to see them go at it at ADCC or similar.

I think we're all wondering whose got the better ground game, let's find out once and for all?