Royce/Yoshida Pic?!?

Can anyone post a pic of Royce on Ryans shoulders after the Yoshida fight? He has been trying to find a copy for himself and I'd like to forward it to him.

Help a brother out!

Thanks Koma. I also have a japanese newspaper with a slightly different pic, probably taken right before that one. Yoshida is still on the bottom rope.

Anyone know which pic I'm talking about?

TTT...looking for the other pic!

C'mon guys, just got off the phone with Royce and I told him I would get it for him...someone post the other pic. PLEASE?!?

Check the Royce forum under my "Royce vs. Yoshida pix" thread. Those are all the pics I've got. I even checked Susumu and no different there.

Cool pics, but STILL LOOKING. Someone got it?!?