Royces Jui-jitsu?

for a long time now people talk how there's different styles of jui-jitsu.

Royces style seems to actually not rely on submissions as much

you can actually see a huge difference between lets say marcelo garcia and royces style.

I notice royce has a very basic but effective style that relies heavy on gaining positions

Royces style seems like a ground and pound style but if the subs there he takes it

My question is will royce win by ground and pound if he wins at all?

GNP is the only way I see him winning
because mat is good on the ground 2

but I think royce has the advantage in reversing or gaining positions.

mat wont get caught in a sub and will dominate the standing.




I know, the ddt's are bad. Hallucinations are a common occurance. Hang in there though!

i don't think royce is really a gnp'er. i think most of his strikes were to soften up his opponent and get them to turn over or give up an arm. i don't think a modern fighter who is used to having his face pounded is so likely to give up his back like in the early ufc.


The major difference with Marcelo's and Royce's jiu jitsu is mostly to do with the fact that Marcelo is actually quite good. Exceptional even.

Royce is merely competent, relative to other bjj greats.

When was his last submission? Please don't say Bobby or Akebono.

Also, Royce is not a ground and pounder. He may ground, but he does not pound.


spider- i think in today's jiu jitsu if you don't have some novel position or submission, you aren't seen as a great practitioner. what i think is impressive is when you see a plain old arm bar from the gaurd from a mile away and the guy still sinks it because his fundamentals, such as leverage and position, are so good you can't stop him. there's nothing less impressive than someone trying to pull a helicopter sweep and give up the mount. i think royce is so good at the fundamdentals, he doesn't need the pretty techniques to win.


"I said not to say Bobby," he says in scolding tone!



"he doesn't need the pretty techniques to win."

scratches head

He hasn't really been winning! Those simple armbars to speak of have not really been happening in the last ten years, or so.

ashy-good point. but there's that fight against ak..... forget it.

anyways, maybe we're comparing apples to oranges. royce's jj is effective for mma, i'd love to see him in adcc or some jj tournament (wouldn't you shit if he weighed in at naga?)

i dont think royce is tappable at this point

Royce's jiu-jitsu is way underrated.

mainly because GJJ is designed for reality fighting and therefore not necessarily good at point fighting.

Royce will be underestimated once again, by people who only THINK they know MMA.

How quickly they forget.


....there's that fight against ak..... forget it. lol

You are a sharpy! No, not the crinkly dog.

Wallid may have discouraged Royce from making any further forays into the realm of straight grappling.

DID....anyone see the Tokoro FIGHT? It was not an anomaly.


Garcia is a sports JJ/no-gi guy.
He doesn't have to worry about being punched in the face. Not a fair comparison...

"i dont think royce is tappable at this point"

Wallid (not a fav of mine by any means) put him to sleep in a gi match, then goes on to actually submit his opponents in mma matches.

Wallid IS a better submission fighter than Royce! And do we think that Wallid is so great. NO! Not really. (Remember, a submission fighter is someone who actually submits someone else)

I can think of a submission fighter who is much better than Wallid Ishmael.........Matt Hughes!

In actuality, another fighter that is a far superior submission fighter than Royce. Matt Lindland.

I think that Royce is actually going to suffer a potentially serious injury in this fight. If the powers that be allow Matt to totally unleash on Royce.

It is going to be interesting, no matter what!

royce has to be a step slower than hughes-just simple physiology. so does a 30 year old royce give hughes a good fight? i really don't know what royce thinks he has to prove. he has a lot to lose if he gets pounded into oblivion. and if he's doing it for the money-helio must not be too happy. (see helio is right thread)

Royce seems very angry these days. At least on camera.
He may think that he deserves more respect than he does. I couldn't imagine running around trying to get people to respect me. Diaz too! Just do your thing and let it fall where it falls. imo It is just too much of a crap shoot.

"I built this house." is a bit absurd. Maybe HELPED build this house, or, added the first few stones, maybe. But built! Sounds like he is reaching for something that doesn't exist. Trying to convince us of something that is not quite true.

I hope he is not crushed by the impending defeat. Emotionally I mean. He will likely get physically crushed. But physical injuries heal quickly. Relatively speaking.


I want to see Garcia against Akebono, Kimo and Yoshida in MMA then we can compare his style to Royce style.

It could be argued that Marcelo is the best pound for pounder submuission wrestler in the world. Didn't he take 3rd in last years ADCC Absolute, beating Xande to get there. He was outweighed by at least 30 pounds in all of his matches.