Royler Gracie vs.J Moreira FOOTAGE




Joe Morreira gets tooled by a guy the size of his lunch.

I saw 26-0. They probably didn't count the mount that came after the sweep, because it looked out of bounds.

With that, then it's 22-0. But in my book, it's 26-0.

Plus the armbar by submission. MAN!! Royler is one SICK competitor!

Sorta puts Royler x Bravo in perspective hmm?

Why the hate for J.Moreira? He is a well respected black belt that has defeated many others in tournaments.

As for E. Bravo, he did great in submitting Royler. But how many of you actually think he is the better grappler? How many would put money on Bravo if they were to compete again?

I know I wouldnt.

Kying: I think Bravo's a better grappler in some respects...

Grappling just isn't BJJ.

good god that was a long ass boring fight.

Sakuraba needed only 8 seconds after the fight went to the ground to catch Royler in Udegarami. Sakuraba did not need to struggle at all to do this. Joe scored 100-2 over Royler until he offered his arm to Royler. Based on Royler's absolutely pathetic ZERO performance against Sakuraba on the ground, the only reason I can think of for his win over Joe is that Joe had been paid to lose.

pdeking respects all styles.

please dont compare any submission you have seen performed in MMA fights to GI matches in BJJ....

its redicilous to compare the two. Its like saying just cuz Im good at the basketball game H.O.R.S.E, I can play in the NBA.

Royler is the one who looked like a white belt. He looked like a chimp throughout the fight.

All the fighters so far defeated by Sakuraba lasted much longer than 8 seconds after the fight went to the ground (Royler lasted only 8 seconds) against him before getting caught in a submission hold . I have never seen any fighter whose ground skills are worse than Royler's.


you should get a job writting for lenno.

BTW as much as i respect sak i think its SAD that he needed a referee (and/or the cheating pride organization)to beat a man 45 pounds less than him.

I'll never forget arguing with several FOOLS on here who either denied that was Joe or said he wasn't trying. LOL! Fools

Watch the fight again. After Sakuraba took the fight to the ground, Royler lasted only 8 seconds before getting caught in Udegarami.

"The Moreira crew (Daniel) swore that match never happened because they asked Joe and he said I had no such tape because it never happened."

Yes, they were a particularly insulting bunch of sheep. There was also a well-known judo troll on this forum who USED to have a red name backing EVERYTHING those dumb-asses were saying.

yes.. royler lost that fight... Come on now, both standup and ground were dominated by Sak... I dont remember Royler presenting any much of an offense against sak. Now if u want to bring weight in as a factor thats fine....but say Royler lost cuz he weighed less...but weight advantage is not was BJJ is about... Weight is not an issue...

royler lost. its not a big deal...some of u guys cant accept any Gracie losing a fight, like its the WORLD vs the gracies.

"When you get caught in a submission like Royler did against Sak, it means u pretty much lost. Just because you didn't tap doesn't mean shit."

OFFICIALLY the STUPIDEST thing i ever read on the UG! lol

As far as I know a submission isnt a "submission" unless your opponent actually submits. HELLO? (unless its a choke so if u dont submit u sleep)

Liquid..... I was just speaking with Ricardo Teixeira, he asked me to post for him as his computer went on the fritz..... "I am faixa roxa under Master Jiu-Jitsu. You are a gorilla black belt. If you are such a tough guy why do you not put your belt on the line and compete in next BJJ mundials like I am going to do and as I have already done before too. Put up or shut up! That is your choice. Sincerely, Liquid_Technique Ricardo would be more than interested in putting his skills up against you (VALE TUDO STYLE) and as you put it "Put up or shut up".....let him know where he can send the fully paid plane ticket, round trip, to you. He will hold the fight down here in South Florida and show you the type of fighter Joe Moreira has turned out. Sound like a deal? Thanks. Joe M. RICARDO "HELLRAISER" TEIXEIRA