Royler Melb Seminar Confirmed

April 2nd, 2005 - places limited, book your place now! Only $100.00 to train with the most technical jiu jitsu fighter in the world! Royler is only here for one day, the seminar will be held at The Ground Zero Academy, 377 Little Bourke St, Melbourne.

For more information call Rob williams 0421 729 868

Anyone going to the seminar?

I heard that Grand Master Helio Gracie was coming - disguised as a 30 year old white belt - and he's bringing a fat buddy!!

Well my head lock escape is pretty good so I think I might skip it

the rev

ttt for Royler

I'm going just so I can put Royler in his place. On that note I hearby bequeath all of my worldly possessions to the Extreme Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling club and leave Kakoda in charge of the distribution of my possessions.


Thanks, but no thanks - we do not want your butt plug or your blow up "friend"

Yours Respectfully

Yep, I'll be there.

this weekend folks

"...Well my head lock escape is pretty good so I think I might skip it

the rev..."

Last time Prof. Royler Gracie came to Australia I was lucky enough to be able to attend 3 of his 4 seminars.

The only headlock escape that was taught by Prof. Royler in any of the seminars I was honoured to attend was at my Central Coast academy in answer to a specific headlock escape question of a visiting seminar participant.

Having said that I'm sure almost everyone could learn something from Prof. Royler about headlock escapes, and there is a reason that Grandmaster Helio Gracie emphasised these escapes in a system designed for the street.

I'm very excited in anticipation of Royler's coming seminars at my academies, and the other ones I will also be able to attend.

ttt for Prof. Royler Gracie - World Champion and trainer of World Champions and his Melbourne Seminar.

So let me get this straight...your pretty happy Royler is coming to Australia ;)

Just got back from Friday lunch training at GZ - nice new mats, it almost feels like a new club.

Thanks to GZ for hosting. Was a good and fun day.

"You're already too late!"

Yep, you should have started training at age 3.