Royler, Ralph, Renzo

Where have these three been lately? How come they dont have any fights or compete in Pride....I know Renzo and Ralph just fought in the Bushido, but why not any more upcoming fights, or dont read about them fighting in other events like the new upcoming Gracies...All I read about is Daniel and Rodrigo Gracie...I havent seen Royler fight in forever. All he has competed in recently is ADCC...anyone with info?


those guys r gettin a bit older. now the new generation of gracies r out. they roid, strike and wrestle like the rest of the evolved mma guys

Steroids are for losers.

Wrong. They are for cheaters. If you want to live your life as a cheater, then by all means go for it. You have to look at yourself in the mirror. No truly honorable person would use them; period.

If you have to do steroids to be successful, then you are very shallow and shouldnt be considered a role model for the people that look up to you for being that successful. I am a tiny guy, but at least if I win I know it was from working hard...NOT TAKING SHOTS OR PILLS


How did a discussion about Ralph and Renzo turn to steroid talks...focus, focus. I applauded Ralph and Renzo for doing what is best for them and their families. Both have proven themselves battle tough, and are attaining their ultimate goal of running successful and respected schools. Lets face these indisputable facts; A - There is no sustainable money in MMA. B - Even the best fighters have relatively short careers. Big ups to Ralph and Renzo.

Who cares about Royler, Ralph, and Renzo.

Steroids are for pussies who are either too lazy or too weak (physically and mentally) to compete with the body they were given.

Royler, Ralph, and Renzo are still top fighters in my book....I know Ralph could cause some damage to a lot of fighters to this day...still undefeated.

Steroids are for the professionials and amateurs alike. Anyone who wants to reach his ultimate potential has to use steroids. Honor or integrity has nothing to do with it.

If everybody's doing steriods is it still cheating?

Max Power- Which of the new generation of Gracies use roids? Ryron and Rener for sure dont, Roger doesnt look likes he's on the juice, I dont know about Crosley since I have never really seen him. So unless Royces kids are on the juice, your full of bs.

Crosley is clean, I vouch. Strict diet,and wicked workouts.

No Renzo and Ralph don't do steroids.

max power said "the new generation of gracies r out. they roid, strike and wrestle like the rest of the evolved mma guys"

He was just talking out of his ass.

who gives a shit if they were doing steroids, everyone else is so fuck it why cant they.... those guys are awsome with or without juice...