Royler/Rodrigo in UFC

With the UFC working with K-1 do you think we will see Royler or Rodrigo in the Cage anytime soon?


not unless either become ranked in the top 10 in their weight class (possible for either if they are active)...

Royce is a BIG BIG BIG name (obviously), but the average Gracie is also a big name and gets good money in Japan, so the cost of getting them to fight--in the USA--is not worth it to Zuffa I'm GUESSING.

Otherwise, when Almeida and Serra were both fighting in the UFC, and Renzo was at the cage coaching them, wouldn't Renzo have joined in the fun?

(Almeida was at 185 and Serra dropped to 155...Renzo won Abu Dhabi at 167, so 170 would have been perfect for him...and Renzo did great against Newton, right?)

Royler would not become top 10 in his weight class.

rather see crosley...actually strikes with guys and has good takedowns...

2nd that about Crosley!

rcrew, under Pride rules (you know the ones where Nog beats Ricco), I'd say that Renzo has a fair shot at getting that decision...under UFC rules, Newton had position, etc. from what I remember...

the fight was tight, the only guy to submit Newton or Renzo is Sakuraba btw (and he subbed both!)

Next year Roger is going to fuck shit up in MMA!!!

I dont think Roger will be fighting MMA by next year.But I hope he eventually does when he's ready

No on Royler. White probably could care less about Rodrigo. Crosley seems like the one I can't understand the UFC not bringing in.

Roger already anounced his MMA debute in 2007