Royler Seminar at Renzo's academy!

From Kid P:
Royler Gracie Seminar at Renzo’s

What do you get when you have a Royler Gracie Seminar at Renzo’s Academy? You get two of the best ever trading secrets. That is what is happening Saturday, June 30th. Royler and Renzo have between them 5 ADCC World titles and more knowledge than just about anyone so don’t miss the chance to check out the seminar.

10:00 to 12:00 Beginners 

13:00 to 15:00 Advanced


Renzo Gracie Academy

224 West 30 th St.(between 7th and 8th Ave.) in the basement

Manhattan, NY

For info and to secure your spot call: (212) 279-6724.

Is it free?

Gi or no-gi?

"Is it free?"

off course it's free, come down and ask for it, I'm sure they will
accomodate you

i heard royler seminars really suck, but the renzo ones i attended were always great.

That would be an absolutely awesome event to attend.