Royler vs Eugenio Tadeu closed match

Six videos in total on youtube. just follow along..

lol @ speedos and shoes. Was their any explanation fot the shoes when Rickson was talking at the beginning?

 i still have that on video.

can't believe I watched the whole thing

i'm still not clear why eugenio stopped

anybody take a shot on how old royler is there?

Thankfully I've never had to put a guy in a speedo in my guard.

my eyes, my eyes....

I think I am going to rock tighty whites with those snazzy white boots next time I train sans gi.

Fixed because I am slow on the uptake.

Sweety, tighty whites on VHS. Sounds fabolously ghey.

I asked Royler about it, he said he was young. Eighteen, if I remember correctly.

yeah Royler was 18

Ricksons speech after the fight was about "how this is how men handle their issues" or something to that nature. I don't understand much portugese but I remember having a brazilian translate some of it years ago and I think that's what he came up with.

"how this is how men handle their issues"

by fighting in underwear and wrestling boots?

what the fuck were they fighting about?

 i like how the other guy was all lubed  (and we though GSP was bad lol)

I also have this on VHS. Can anyone translate Rickson's speach at the end?

was this before there fight in 97?

I think I just caught gay.