Royler's Last Fight?

According to Gryphon's blog, the K-1 official site says this fight will be Royler's last.

Earlier in the year he was pretty adamant(sp?) that he had no plans to retire however the latest interviews I have read, he seems less certain.

Royler's a good guy. Constantly competed in ADCC against much younger guys and tore the scene up. On top of that, he fought Genki & Kid, both top tier guys.

I hope he goes out on a win.

How old is Royler now?

ttt for Royler.

He has always taken on tough and heavier opponents ie. Genki, Kid, Sakuraba. He was a Champion with the Gi, No-Gi and has been fighting Vale Tudo back when most of this forum was playing with their Cabbage Patch Dolls. In his teens (25+ yrs ago) he was fighting grown men in true No Holds Barred matches...all while carrying the weight of his family's legacy.

Check Arte Suave 2 and you'll see what an awesome dude he really is.

Im kinda glad he will stop fighting, hes getting up their you know, i have had the pleasure to train with him at some seminars and do some privates and hes awsome. People dont give him the respect he deserves for how good he really is at jiu jitsu, hes an amazing grappler, and a fearless fighter, he even when outmatched always fought top tier guys in and out of his weight class when given the chance, in NHB and ADCC. So TTT for royler

-Also, hes a hell of a lot stonger than he looks

ki9090, agreed. Was really cool when he came to give a seminar here.

Royler's the man.

He actually fought pretty well vs. Sudo imo. Very aggressive, came out hunting for the td right away and attacked relentlessly. I dont think MMA was ever his thing though.