RoylervsBaret-PennvsRodrigo MMA

November 20, 2004 at ROTR

ROTR is really a great organization. I sent three guys to their last show and they treat the fighters well and are looking to take the show to the next level. And the Hawaiian fans are very supportive.

Royler and Penn are my pics. beat me to it.

This card and this promotion is awesome. Alex, we need to get to Hawaii for this one...:)

Sweet fights!!

BJ over Rodrigo??? what crack are you on! Rod doesn't know how to lose and is superior at BJJ, hits like a truck, is an angry/mean SOB not to mention has quite a few inches and a good amount of weight on BJ.

Joe... I would love to go down there especially if Steve and Santino fight on it. And I hear the weather is nice there too. :)

I thought Rodrigo was bigger then BJ ... that might be the deciding factor, anyone know how much bigger Rodrigo is? But I'd still bet on BJ Penn, a lesson I learned when I was positive Hughes would school him.

Rodrigo is a different breed of Gracie... well, a lot of the guys coming out of Renzos will be physical machines with Rooney there.


It's gonna be a good one!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the House!!!


I like Rod and back most Gracie when fighting. But BJ's a better athlete and has fought better fighter's of all kinds of backgrounds:

Gilbert, Houghes,Uno, Din, Serra, Gomi,Pulver, Ludwig
Penn's Record 8-1-1 (3 TKO wins, 1 KO and 3 tapout wins with one lose). That's a pretty impressive record!!

Rod is 5-0 with 2 win's and no TKO or KO win's. I don't see him knocking out BJ.

Royler and BJ will win.

Royler and Baret isn't happening anymore...The money isn't right for Baret and he wants to focus more on ADCC

Rod is the best athlete out of the Gracie family IMO. I personally know allot of them and believ me this guy has a world class ground game, he's more dedicated then anyone I know and he's got the right people around him. BJ is great and has fought many good fighters, but look at the guys you mentioned...with the exception of Hughes...they are all light weights (good one's!) I've seen Rod in the low to mid 190's! Even when i was walking around at a solid 182...rod would bitch me in the clinch and of course on the ground.