rpg conventions

anyone ever go to any?

i had some guys i used to game with who used to run cons here in nj until they started lossing money a couple years ago.

but i was always busy when they ran them so i never could attend.

yea, i've been to Capcon a few times. pretty fun

Evecon in Wash DC, and Gencon in WI.

I went to a few, I used to play a tabletop minitures game called "Full Thrust" (snigger snigger). I am somewhat ashamed to say one year i received the Supernova Award for the most reckless acts of fleet management: through some slight miscalculations half my fleet rammed into the enemy whilst the other half smashed into each other... ahh, happy geekish memories.

I've been tempted to go mainly because I used to read so much about them when I was a kid. Now that I have the money to actually go to these places, I'm kind of curious as to what they're actually like.

I've run game demos at anime cons but haven't made it to a gamer con yet. There's always a shitload of D20 gamers at the anime cons. I pretty much hate doing the cons but then again I get in free and run game demos most of the day (so it's a little like work - talking to douche bags who aren't really interested but just killing some time between shit they actually want to do). I think it would be much funner at a gamer con where you could cruise around and test-drive games and stuff. The costumes are always entertaining though.

going to Total CONfusion in Worcester, MA this february.

what is at Totalconfusion? Im from Boston and Worcester aint to far out for me.

there's not much info up yet. . .