RS6-Xbox360 New maps.

There are new maps to download for the 360. A couple of them are very large. One is quite small and fun.

Is it the red pack becuase that came out a long time ago

No you are wrong. It is the Black Pack. Completely new maps.

well not 'completely' new, but new enough...

i cant seem to find this on the marketplace tho.. has it been removed? i know there were a lot of bugs reported

the new maps are cool!! I thought several of the red pack maps had major problems -ex. 2 pinch points in Marshalling Yard and in Doscala restaraunt a sniper on the parking garage could SLAY.. These maps are more neutral.


Are these the same maps 360 owners have to pay $20 for that PS3 owners are getting for free?

I like the 360 as much as anyone, but I can't understand how people aren't pissed about that....

if PS3 is getting the maps for free , its probably to appologize that it took 8 more months to release and still didnt look has good has the 360.

(I admit ,that was alittle bit trollish!)

Well as much as I'm a Xbox fanboy I am starting to get a little pissed at the 800 MS points to buy these maps. It is starting to add up quick and game are becoming $100.00 investments.

P.S. PS3 still sucks.

agreed. they should be providing the maps free to get longevity out of their product.

but I play this game ALOT and the maps make it interesting.

games are becoming $100.00 investments.

It was nice knowing you, dude, but I'm sorry to say that both MS and Sony have dispatched their ninjas to your house to slay you for revealing one of the dirtiest secrets of the videogame industry to the sheep who apparently aren't realizing it on their own :-P

In case anyone didn't notice, both Halo 3 and GTA IV are coming out with $90 editions. Yes, of course they're coming out with $60 ones as well, but make no mistake - this is a trial run to see exactly how many people will put up with that sort of wallet rape, and it will only increase in the future...

Major Nelson just reported that the Black Pack will be free tomorrow, as Ubi intended and those that purchased it will receive a refund.

Great news!

also i hear you will be getting a refund for the red pack because it is on
the ps3 for free and MS has some law about free shit or some shit

I will be on it this weekend "Pun DPAS"