Ruas to Rizzo: Fedor my ass! It's kill or die.

Ruas to Rizzo: Fedor my ass! It's kill or die.

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Marco Ruas is looking forwards to seeing his protege Pedro Rizzo in action on June 21st, when the former UFC fighter fights Fedor Emelianenko.

"Pedro has all the tools, it's up to him, his mind," warns Ruas. "He told me he wants it. 'I wanna prove to myself I'm a fighter and I have all conditions to pull out good fights'. He has all the chances to do so."

"He can't stay still in front of the guy because he's dangerous and explosive. He's gotta go for it and get the knockout. He can't have a boring fight, he must believe his potential and run through that guy. He can't keep thinking 'oh, it's Fedor, it's Fedor'. Fedor my ass. Go there and knock him out. It's kill or die, he must go for it."

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Are Ruas and Rizzo still training together? One of the best momeries of early ufc is when Rizzo promoted Ruas after koing tank!

Rizzo promote Ruas? Phone Post

 They have been together forever

yes against Ken Shamrock

Blunderhooks - Did Rizzo ever go out there and really pull the trigger, even in his prime?

I remember him as being so frustrating to watch as he just wouldn't let his arms and feet GO. Phone Post
Rizzo BEAT Couture in their first fight, hands down. I think that was perhaps the best performance of his career, and it really knocked the wind out of his sails as a contender when he wasn't awarded the win.. Phone Post

Sergei and Roman almost killed him, Fedor should have enough to win this one.

 Rizzo/Telligman II is extremely underrated.

HELWIG -  Rizzo/Telligman II is extremely underrated.

Epic fight for both guys, Tre took an ass whooping but Rizzo cuts so easily that he was one drop away from a doctor's stoppage as well.

This was probably Rizzo's most well rounded fight, almost Shogun Rua like but with a more technical dutch style muay thai.

Doesn't Rizzo train with the Blackhouse guys now? I don't know how long he's been there, but that can do nothing but help him. He's always had the tools....he was just too passive. I remember yelling at the tv for him to let loose back in the day. I think this will be a lot better and closer fight than a lot of people think it will be. I do not think Fedor is going to run through him.

var so = new SWFObject("", "postVideo-39729288-Flash", "425", "355", "9.0.28", "##000"); so.addParam("allowScriptAccess", "samedomain"); so.addParam("allowNetworking", "internal"); so.addParam("wmode", "transparent"); so.write("postVideo-39729288"); Great to see Marco back on the scene with Pedro. If you didn't catch the episode a few months back featuring my training session with Marco (circa 1999), it's worth a look. The segment begins at 8:06.. Was certainly for me as a young man in the infancy of my training. An experience I will never forget.