Ruas vale tudo N nova uniao

Can you imagine multiple SHOOTO champions, a UFC star, an AFC and ADCC Champion and more all training together in Brazil. It is now official. Ruas Vale Tudo and Nova União are training together. Vítor 'Shaolin', João Roque, Marcos Louro, Pedro Rizzo and Antoine Jaoude training in the same room, sharing the same mats. Now the BJJ techniques will be sharpened on the Ruas fighters and the Nova União members will have access to Ruas' Muay Thai techniques.

Due to the awesome relationship between both teams, they have been training for a while and now it has been done. 'We have become one. The trainings will be done together and we will also decide together what is good for our athletes. Besides each one still represents his own team,' revealed one of the Nova União leaders, André Pederneiras. Fighting for two teams and training as one.

Sounds like great news!

I thought they always trained together. When I visited Marco in Brazil his school was at Nova Uniao and the whole team was friendly with the NU guys.

andre is right, this has been the arrangement for sometime, nothing new