Rudolph TRNR would never be made today

Think about it...the story is about an individual that's different. Because he's different he's ostracized by the community and even his own father and becomes a pariah. However, once society realizes they can exploit Rudolph's difference to their own end, he is reintegrated into the fold and accepted back as a contributing member of the village.

What does this story really tell us? That if a person is different society has no use for them unless that difference is beneficial to the community? What kind of lesson is that to teach children?

If you watch Rudolph this year think about what you're watching and about passing along that outmoded thinking to your children.

Maybe Rudolph isn't the best Christmas show for kids to watch, just saying.

Santa is a complete asshole in that claymation movie.


Rudolph the transqueer life form, had a very patriarchal oppression and if you ever saw it you were guilty of sexual assault too.  



see my Yukon Cornelius thread, he took care of the misfits from the first time he met them.

The big questions:

Is King Moonracer a toy?

Is it Hymie or Hermie the Elf?

And is his desire to be a dentist just a metaphor for his coming-out as a gay elf?

What's up with the timeline? Rudolph is sent on a mission by Santa Claus to find the Baby New Year in Rudolph's Shiny New Year (the sequel), but he is still a young deer without his horns. Did this happen BEFORE his encounter with the Bumble? Was Santa sending the young Rudolph out on covert, off-line missions while pretending to disavow his actions?

Exactly what kind of psychological problems made the doll on the Island of Misfit Toys unsuitable for duty as a toy?


Here is the real message:

We are all different. What makes us different makes us special.

They needed a dentist more than they needed another toymaker.