Rueter's Data Scientist FIRED For Data Proving Cops Kill More Whites Than Blacks

White Thomson Reuters data scientist says he was FIRED by woke bullies for sharing data showing cops kill more unarmed white people than black people and claimed BLM contributed to deaths of thousands

  • Zac Kriegman, a former director of data science at Thomson Reuters, claimed he was fired after sharing his research on race and police killings with colleagues
  • He published his experience first on Common Sense with Bari Weiss
  • Kriegman’s research claimed that black people were not disrpoptionatedly killed by police despite the available data showing they are
  • He presented colleagues with a new way to view the data that suggests police kill more unarmed white people because more white people attack police
  • Kriegman said he was ridiculed and bullied by colleagues, and when he asked leadership for help, his post was taken down and he was fired
  • He’s the latest employee from a major news outlet to claim they faced hostility from a woke mob running rampant in the workplace



Fall in line with the narrative or face the consequences!


Fired for narrative inappropriate content.


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He’s a racialist!!


Im actually okay with this.

It’s an activist company with an agenda that obviously comes from the top down, why would they keep someone who is actively fighting against their goals.

This is literally their headline on their homepage.

It’s unclear if this is research he did for work? Talks about where he originally published?

If this guy is bringing his non work related controversial research and conclusions into the workplace… guys a dummy

If it was part of his role, I’m guessing there is more to it.

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Here’s his account

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I just wasted a bunch of time reading this story lol.

What a dumb fuck. Whether you agree with, support, like his take on the issues, the guy is clearly a nut bar. He deserved to be fired for being a moron with poor judgment- at the very least.

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Yet when the SJWs do it, it becomes part of mandatory training…


the truth is quite distasteful, isn’t it. shame on that man for sharing it.


What does that headline have to do with race?

Reality isn’t racist.

Assuming you are correct that they have the clearly stated intent of taking a side, rather than presenting unbiased data – then why would you be OK with a company that is openly committed to lying?

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I never could wrap my head around this shit. Making fools out of themselves every Saturday night on national TV. As a kid, I genuinely thought they knew how ridiculous it was and did it as slapstick comedy.

Are his facts/statistics incorrect?

Well, as a slow, white boy with no rhythm at ALL, I was jealous of those that could actually dance.


That’s what advancing justice means, its a anti heterosexual anti white term.

Its not lying so much. My job isn’t so much different from his. Reporting isn’t so black and white.

Data can come from different sources, different systems, you can aggregate it to different levels of granularity, you can group it differently, you can choose to pull in complimentary data (whether internal or external) or not. Then someone actually has to design specific metrics usually as well and when you’re designing a metric you select how that’s calculated… There isn’t this standardization really.

Anyway point is if a company is very biased and clearly they want to go in one direction you would be careful about designing a key report and everything that goes into it in a way that contradicts it.

You can clearly look at the data around police interactions and police shootings relating to race many different ways… And he knows that there is data supporting a different position than he’s presenting and he knows the company very much doesn’t want that to be public… so why would you present it to them?

Companies don’t look at data with open mind and then use it to base decisions off of. They have a direction they want to go and then ask people around them to find data to make the case for them. That’s how it works in the real world. It’s fucked up but that’s how it is almost everywhere.

So that basically makes this guy a kind of whistle-blower?

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