Rugby star trains some gypsy jiu jitsu (pic)

John Maguire hands down some knowledge to Saracens and recently retired England props Matt Stevens, who says he'd 'love to get in the Octagon':

"If I fought in the UFC, I’d obviously try and pick someone that I could beat! And I don’t think I could beat anyone in the UFC but I wouldn’t mind getting knocked out by one of my heroes! Brock Lesnar, former UFC champ, is a bit of a machine and I’d like to see how I faired against someone that big and strong. But there’s a lot of big guys that I could go up against so I’d have to go against the heavyweights because I’m about 260 pounds now so that’s pretty scary."

UFC drumming up some casual interest as we edge closer to UFC On Fuel 5. It's good to have international guys in a much more deep seated sport here in the UK giving credit to the UFC fighters.

That's cool. Ferris or Paul O'Connell in his prime from the Irish squad would be cool to see fight. + six months sprawl training of course.

Is John Maguire getting any casual coverage in the UK yet?

No, unfortunately the uk media don't care enough about MMA yet to give it proper attention, just odd mentions here and there about the big uk stars like Bisping and hardy. Phone Post

The BBC went out of their way not to mention Bisping when sports personality comes round each year. Its disgusting. Phone Post

Apparently Stevens medalled at some grappling comps when he was banned from the old rugger.

Some more of the UFC guys doing their marketing bits and training with the Army this time, Manuwa and Hathaway: