Rugby Video Games-2011

For any rugby fans out there there are 2 rugby games coming out this summer(late).

Rugby World Cup 2011

These guys are from Canada and they have helped making the past EA rugby games.

Rugby Challenge

These guys are from New Zealand and they have the rights to the All Blacks and Aussies. Plus it seems they have league licenses as well.

I'm not sure which one will be better but I'm moving towards Rugby Challenge. My biggest problem will be that none of these games will be available in Canada.

Anyone looking forward?


I had the Rugby 05 and 06 EA games and they were fucking awesome.

Will these be available in the States?

Not sure but these are going to be region free games. I check EB Games in Canada and they did not have a listing for them.

I guess we are going to have kiss Squatdog's ass so he can send us them!


i've been waiting for new rugby games to come out.

If I saw this in a game I'd say "WTF that's bullshit. Fucking hax":