Ruiz/Valuez Predictions

This matchup many of you are looking forward to because of the hate against ruiz is this weekend. what will happen?

valuev wins. remember its in germany so he may get a bullshit decision but at least ruiz doesn't have the belt.

Ruiz.  Valuev is a bum.

ruiz is a bum too

even if the guy sucks, it can be pretty tough to KO someone who's like 8 inches taller than you. Look at Tyson's last fight, for example

I'd say Ruiz by even more boring than usual type fight, unless Valuev is dumb enough to bend down and give his head away. If Valuev fights tall I don't see how Ruiz could KO him

Who's going to win? The Fans!


Austinn has KO'd the correct.

Prediction: Valuev by ko, if he can avoid Ruiz's clinches.

Valuev is incredibly slow and very open for a big looping overhand right. Ruiz, despite what can be said of him otherwise, has a mean one.

Who has Ruiz KO'd with his "great right hand?"

Who has Ruiz KO'd with his "great right hand?"


No one mentioned a great one, just a mean one. You don't need a great one to knock out Valuev. This does not mean that Ruiz has an automatic win. You can go the distance with a big man like Valuev if you are not trying to win, but it can be very taxing if you're trying for 10-12 rounds. Vidoz tried to win and it burned him.

lol, does anyone remember the heavyweight prospect Mike "The Giant" white.

Oquendo was never Ko'd. The ref stopped is a bit too fast.

Vidoz, Donald, and Etienne are ALL better than Ruiz and Valuev beat them.

Crack kills...........


not that Valuev cant win, but what you said is nuts. lol@ Vidoz and Ettiene or the notion that the Donald decision was fair.

Seems all the money is falling on Valuev. I read on one site Valuev opened at +170 but is now slightly favored. I think it is a big risk but physical advantages at heavyweight always are seen as strengths and thats why I got Valuev at +130. The giant has a jab, he's about as active as Ruiz, has previously mentioned physical advantages, and Ruiz is going to have to do a little bit more to sway the judges in a foreign country even with neutral judges. Crowds always make a difference imo. That imo is enough to lay some coin on Valuev as an underdog but should limit you if he climbs too high because your advantages are not really worth betting on if you don't get a good deal on your money. Valuev by UD

Oh no, look at the judges.  We Ruiz could be in for a long night.  Two full blooded Germans............

Referee: Stanley Christodoulou | Judge: Derek Milham | Judge: Francisco Martinez | Judge: Hector Hernandez ~


My sarcasm detector is not great but if that is directed towards me, my comment about the judges is a more general comment of how judges perceive the action in a fight based on crowd response especially in Germany. I get to watch a great deal of foreign fights and the german fans cheer for just about anything for the hometown guy and although it is not a definite indication of a judges response it can be perceived as an advantage when the action is limited. Sticking with Valuev UD.

My sarcasm detector is not great but if that is directed towards me

Not at all. I was just tryin 2 be funny and discuss.  I just found it odd that 2-3 judges has spanish names.  (I always study judges b4 big fights when I make a number)   The judges are most likely gonna be biased anyways. Milham went with the house  fighter in the Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym vs  Ricardo Cordoba bout. in 2005. Cordoba was robbed badly in Thailand. Naturally Valuev is the house guy.  If bout was anywhere else, Ruiz would be heavy chalk. After watching Valuev vs Tisdale, Ettiene, and Donald, I think Ruiz is better technically, and thats not ez 4 me to say.


Nicolay Valuev vs Otis Tisdale

Valuev vs. Etienne

and clips...........


No problem Oddessa. It is hard to tell a persons real emotions online. It's good news for me that Valuev has that judge advantage to a certain degree. Some judges are not corrupt but just don't know how to score a fight. Thailand is whole different beast when it comes to bad decisions for foreign fighters.