Ruiz vs Ortiz Sunday September 4th

Who you all got, this is a really good boxing match. Both ranked in the top 10.

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4 years ago this would have been must watch.
Just how old is ortiz at this point?

Old but dude got started later on anyway, he was 30 years old when he made his pro debut in boxing back in 2010. He’s 42 now.


Yeah, I will watch it, but I cannot imagine actually paying for that on PPV. Neither guy is PPV worthy by themselves, and there’s no world title on the line. I just don’t see how they can think PPV is a good idea for this fight. This is gonna sell less than a ufc headlined by Mighty Mouse.


Who the hell is paying for this?

Winner should fight Dillian Whyte

Ortiz has to be late 40s in reality.

But Andy doesn’t take his career seriously…

I saw a video of him working out, and he looked to be in good shape, but you know how that goes.

This would make a good co main on another card. As a main event for ppv they can suck my dick.

Ortiz was beating Wilder in their first fight handily til Wilder got him in later.

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Pretty good fight. I think the pre-Wilder version of Ortiz would win this, but I could see Ruizs youth (and in turn his ability to take punishment and keep up the pace) allowing him to take over as the fight goes on.

Going down