Rules for Royce v. Akebono

2 10 minute rounds. After twenty minutes, if neither man has been KO'd or submitted, the fight is a draw.

Royce held a workout on Weds. that the press was allowed to watch. is indicating that Royce stated that if the fight goes to a draw, that he will consider it a victory. Royce pointed out that Akebono will weigh at least three times as much as him.

"if royce cant choke out that big fat sumo he should retire."

I think he probably will. But if it ends up like last years fight with Yoshida, where he got his back and was content in smaking weak shots to the back of his head, I'll be disappointed.

I hope Royce puts forth every effort to end this bout with a submission. No laying on top of an exhausted fat guy.

I can't see Royce hurting Akebono with his striking, whether it be standing or on the ground.

I see Royce winning mainly due to Akebono's exhaustion.

Akebono will be exhausted after 5 minutes in the first round--if he makes it that far.

i hope i am wrong but i do not see Royce winning.

All it takes is a big punch by Akebon to put an end to the fight.

Is there a three chill dawg rule?

I'm looking forward to seeing how Royce tries to take him down.

Ha Ha, awesome picture!


Royce will submit Akebono


love that pic!!!

that pic is hilarious, LOL!!!

Nice romoshop.

Of course Butterbean knows how to throw a punch.

i say its gonna b a draw

Why would Akebono even leave the corner? He should make Royce do all the work to get him down.

There's no way Akebono can go the full 20 minutes IMHO...

Royce by 1st round submission.

ake did hit rather hard vs bojanski, and i m sure hes hard to takedown. dunno when he gasses