Rules You Don''t Like?

There are a few NFL rules I don't like:

Pass interference being a spot-foul.  Sorry, the idea of a 40-50 yard penalty is just ridiculous.  If they're going to make it a spot-foul, why not use the same distance for offensive pass interference?  If the foul occurs on 1st and 10, 40 yards down the field, penalize the offense 40 yards and make it 1st and 50.

The Wade Phillips Rule.  The one where the other team gets the ball at the spot of the kick, rather than the line of scrimmage if the other team misses a field goal.  If Team A goes for it on 4th down and fails, does Team B get the ball at the spot of the dropped pass?  Of course not.  They get it at the line of scrimmage.  The whole game is based on the line of scrimmage.  This rule goes against all football logic.

I don't like the Tuck rule.

I cant stand the Overtime Rules....Both teams should have an oppurtunity.

I like the College format or something resembling that.
An extra quarter would make the game too long

"I cant stand the Overtime Rules....Both teams should have an oppurtunity."

Excellent point.

(1) Pass interference has to be a spot foul. Otherwise, it would be to the defenses advantage to maul the receiver on any decent pattern beyond the amount of the penalty.

(2) The "Wade Philips rule" was put in a couple years ago to encourage teams to go for TDs rather than kick field goals. I agree that it sucks.

(3) I agree that both teams should have a shot in OT.

1) Steve72 is correct. If pass interference weren't a spot foul, then defenders would be more apt to interfere on a long pass. Good rule.

2) Agreed. That's gay.

3) Agreed. I like college's OT.

"The offensive backfield should be able to move around as much as the defense before the snap. Only the offensive line should be forced to sit in place until the snap."

I like this suggestion.  Most of the rules changes they've been making have been to open things up more.  Particularly for the offense.  As long as there are only 11 people on the field, I don't see why they even need to line up.  Let 'em do a scramble drill if they want to, as long as they're behind the line of scrimmage, and the center is on the line.  Everyone on the field should automatically be an eligible receiver.

"(1) Pass interference has to be a spot foul. Otherwise, it would be to the defenses advantage to maul the receiver on any decent pattern beyond the amount of the penalty."

In that case, they should make it a fair penalty if it goes the other way.  Holding goes the same distance either way.  Facemasks go the same distance either way.  If they keep defensive pass interference a spot foul, then when the offense commits pass interference, it should be a 40 yard penalty if it happened 40 yards down the field.

if i was in charge this is how football would change...

tuck rule- there is only on elogical solution to this. direction of football. think about it for a second. if a wr takes two steps back off the line of scrimage and the qb throws the ball over hand backwards it's considered a running play. and if a rb takes a forward underarm pitch from a qb it is an incomplete pass. so why does arm motion matter in terms of tuck rule/ fumbles it should always be direction the football goes after leaving the hand of the qb regardless of arm motion.

sideline completions - a wr should have to get his feet inbounds no matter what. a field is a certain width for a reason the quarterback should have thrown the ball lower so the wr did have to jump. if he doesn't land in bounds it's an incomplete.

overtime - i don't like college and i don't like 1 quarter suddendeath. i would make it a full 15 minutes and then a tie in regular season, and a full 15 then suddendeath in post season.

quarterback slide rule - eliminate this rule. a quarterback is going to get knocked unconscious by sliding low and putting his head where his waist was when the defender started his dive towards him. think about how many times you've seen this and think ooohh that could be a flag for a helmet to helmet hit.

helmet to helmet hits - only a foul if the tacklers face is down. if done face mask to helemt with the tacklers head up not a foul.

field goals- line of scrimmage goes back to the line of scrimage.

spike rule- if it's intentional grounding on any other play it should be on this as well. the qb should have to get the ball near a receivers!

some great suggestions here. i dont like the roughing the passer rule, if a defensive player so much as bumps a qb, they get a flag. thats not football, college is right on with the way they do it.

overtime rule needs to be like college or just add a time period for overtime.

I agree the Qb "Protection" has gone way too far.

I also would like to see the game clock stop when they move the first down chains.

shadtree...i would rather see quarters dropped to 10 minutes each and after each play the clock is stopped and started again after the ball is set.
this would eliminate all the laying on people between plays taking up time

I don't like that QBs can kneel and kill the last minute and a half of the game if they are ahead. I do like that the clock keeps going after a running play that ends in a tackle, adds drama late in the game, so I would just make it illegal for QBs to take a knee or have the clock stop the second they do. That would replace spiking it because I agree that spiking = same as intentional grounding.

Overtime rule I'd like to see :

Whoever scores a TOUCHDOWN first


Whoever is winning at the end of 15 minutes otherwise it's a tie.

That should make for interesting decisions. Go for the touchdown to win it or kick the FG and give it back to the other team and risk them scoring a TD.

i would get rid of the extra point kick all together. the should line up like usual and make a play for the extra point or move back and go for 2.

kickers have to much input to a game that should be determined by players who actually are football players.