Rulon Missing 4 Toes?

Japanese newspaper says Rulon Gardner is missing four toes. Does anybody know what happened? Accident? Birth defect?

I went back and watched the Yoshida fight, and for a big man with a condition like that, he did an AWESOME job. Especially, for his first fight (MMA)

Got lost snowmobiling out west a fews years ago, got frostbite, lost some toes. Didn't think it was 4, but definetly lost some toes.

Thats amazing that he can hold his balance that way and fight the way he did (and wrestle)

I had a friend that was drunk as hell and decided to cut the lawn (with a pushmower) anyways, the dumbass pulls the mower backwards and steps into a shallow hole and cut two toes of clean (little toe and next to it)

It took him nearly a year to be able to walk straight, and he is still as unstable as can be (4 or 5 years later)

He lost 1 toe.

theres a pic on here somewhere of his feet with 1 toe missing

Yeah, I think someone mistranslated that. It probably said he only has 4 toes left, not that he is missing 4 toes.

I heard his his left leg is actually Patrick Duffy.

I heard that he once wrestled an elephant on a dare and pinned it in less than 1 minute

Dem be some ugly lookin' toes!

I was just thinkin' the same thing Dougie!

Those are MY toes....


"I heard his his left leg is actually Patrick Duffy"

lol@ shotcaller

and DAMN, who owns those ugly-ass toes?

ugly feet!

Yeah I saw the NBC story on him getting lost in the snow. He is lucky to be alive.

Damn, I asked a serious question.

I shudda known a comedian would "pop" up.....

OK, thats alot different than missing 4 toes....

I don't think that would be nearly as bad (balance)